Pink Floral March 2017 Bullet Journal Plan With Me

Pink Floral March 2017 Bullet Journal Plan With Me

I don’t know about you, but I am pumped for spring! My March layout was inspired by the blooming flowers of spring. This month’s bullet journal theme is pink flowers! This post may contain affiliate links

Theme | Pink Flowers

As I mentioned, this month’s theme is pink flowers, as inspired by spring. Initially, the idea was to theme it with trees and other plants, but I ended up focusing more on the pink of beautiful spring flowers. I lost the pink theme in the first few weeks but picked it back up in week three.

For the pink, I used a Mildliner, and a metallic brush pen. For the black lines I used a Staedtler fineliner and for the bold black lettering, I used the black Tombow.


This month I kept my monthly design the same as January and February. I put a calendar on the lefthand page and put a running to-do list and goals sections on the righthand page. One change I made was to use pink cursive to title the to-do and goals sections.

The weekly pages have received a 100% complete makeover! Instead of sectioning the pages into four squares, broke them into columns. This layout was inspired by a layout that requested by a customer over on my shop, you can see that layout over on my Instagram in the archived story titled “Ellen’s Notebook.”

For the first two weeks, I explored the titling for each day of the week. Week one utilized gold cursive underneath bold black letters. Week two still featured bold black letters; however, the gold was now small numbers. For the following weeks, the bold letters are pink, and the dates are in little black numbers.

Each week of my March bullet journal also features a new washi tape boarding the right side (except week one, which has the washi tape on the left). Week one is stamp-theme washi tape, week two washi tape features world famous monuments, and week three’s washi tape is purple flowers. For week four the washi tape looks like a strip of an ancient world map, and I end the month strong with some geometric black and white tape.

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