Periwinkle February 2018 Bullet Journal | PWM

Periwinkle February 2018 Bullet Journal | PWM

For February, it is common to see pink and heart themes in bullet journaling. With Valentine’s Day being the major holiday of the month, that makes sense. However, while I have nothing against Valentine’s Day, I had no interest in theming my bullet journal that way. I chose to focus on periwinkle and keep it minimalistic. This post may contain affiliate links

February Theme

As I mentioned above, my theme is periwinkle color using my Tombow dual brush pens. I then felt the title page needed more and added the flower. Throughout the entire month’s layouts, I title using the same periwinkle color. Other pens used include Staedtler pigment liner, size .8, and Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens. I am not sure how i feel about the theme as a whole, but it seemed like a pleasant change from the generic pink and red February hearts and Valentine's Day themes.

Monthly Layout

This month is ultimately the same as last. I shrunk the calendar to fit on one page then put goals and running to-do on the adjacent page. I like the idea of this layout including goals and a more generic to-do list for items that do not have a due date. If you are interested to learn more about running to-do lists, head over here.

Weekly Layout

Again, my weekly layout is the same as January’s layout. This is a grid layout involving eight rectangle-spaces with periwinkle titling. Each Rectangle gets a day of the week and I leave the eighth space blank for weekly goals or notes.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

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