January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

It is time to break in the new year with a brand-new bullet journal and naturally a fresh January layout. This month for me took a crazy turn for my journal. If you read my 2018 Bullet Journaling Set-Up post you know that I have several notebooks this year, three of which were to be in the same notebook. However, since writing that post, my plan has changed! My planning notebook is now in a Lechtturm1917! WOO!

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My First Try | January 2018 Bullet Journal Layout

I created my January 2018 layout in early December and I loved it and managed no mistakes! I used my Cyan Tombow brush pen for all titles and as my accent color. Here is what I came up with.

January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

The Real January 2018 Bullet Journal Layout

I was given my Lechtturm1917 by my boyfriend for Christmas and immediately needed to give it a purpose. Since I had not gone far in my original 2018 planner, I decided it was fitting to move notebooks. My Lechtturm1917 is in the color Army, earthy greens are my favorite.

January Layouts

The first page in my January set-up is a title page or a hello January page, naturally. I had found an image on my Instagram feed that inspired this winter snow globe design. I am very happy with it.

Next, is my monthly layout. This year I want to focus more seriously on goals. For this reason, I chose to include a much larger section for goals. Interested in goals? Learn how to write effective goals here.

I have also noticed that I have a list of to-dos that are to be completed when I have time, it’s difficult to place these in my daily sections. To solve this problem, I included a running to-do list.

Similarly, in months past I did not need a 2-page calendar. So, I have shrunk my calendar to fit on one page.

Finally, I designed my weekly layouts. I have stuck with a similar layout to the ones I was previously using. However, instead of having a goals box, I simply am leaving the space open and using it for my weekly goals.

As I mentioned above, I chose the color cyan as my accent color. I used a traditional calligraphy font as well as a simple bold print. Since I wanted to stay minimal I utilized line thicknesses and simple placements. I enjoy minimal layouts and may choose to stick with them.

Oops | How I Handled a Bullet Journal Mistake

When I was moving my layout from one notebook the next, I skipped pages without realizing. I didn’t notice during the pencil stage of my layout and I didn’t notice while I was turning pencil lines into pen lines. I did, however, notice when I was adding due dates and events, that there were two blank pages before week four.

This was a huge bummer for me because I had already needed to use a ton of white out and my first go in the old notebook had gone perfectly. Mistakes can be difficult to handle, especially in a brand-new notebook. I left them blank and chose to ignore this mistake at first.

A few days later I was inspired and decided to add some simple quotes on those pages. I tackled the right page first and was very happy with the outcome. Next, I tackled the left and became too excited. The quote turned out well. I then decided to mess with curly lines above the quote and added too many. My mistake here is that I did not use pencil first. Lesson learned!

January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

Additional Pages | Bill and Subscription Tracking

I love having a page to track bills and subscriptions. That being said, I needed to add one to my new bullet journal. I chose to place these in the back for easy access and keep a similar layout to the one I used in my last notebook.

Despite having to make changes and move notebooks twice, this month’s layout is one of my favorites. I like the minimal look I went for and the simple design of it.

What was your January Layout theme?

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