2018 Bullet Journal Spread Plan-with-Me

2018 Bullet Journal Spread Plan-with-Me

With the new year approaching, I have decided to completely switch up my bullet journaling routine. Instead of one overarching bullet journal. I am switching it up by having multiple journals each with a different purpose. Let’s dive in and see what I have going on for my 2018 bullet journal!

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The Journals

This year I have four bullet journals. My planning journal, collections journal, list journal, and my Jihi Elephant bullet journal. Each of these journals has a washi tape label on the binding and a watercolored title page. For the title pages, I used the Arteza watercolor brush pens and the Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

I have chosen to move to dot journals this year, though I am on a tight budget and could not splurge for a Lechtturm 1917 for all of them. So, I found a cheaper alternative, Northbooks Dots Hardcover Notebook. So far, I like the journal, the pages are thicker than I have used previously, the dots are a nice change from the gridline, and the binding seems to be durable. A few things I wish were different is that I prefer faux leather or real leather covers (out of my budget), and I wish they came with elastic bands holding them closed. I can easily find a cheap headband to solve the last issue though.

One of my journals, as you will read below, is not a Northbooks. J. B. Welly was kind enough to give me a Rhodia Goalbook, which I am using for my business journal. Scroll to the bottom to read more.

2018 Bullet Journal Planning

2018 Planning Bullet Journal

My main bullet journal is my planning journal. This is the one I create all my to-do lists, calendars, and goals in. This one will include both personal, educational, and professional lists and goals. Here, I will mark holidays, birthdays, events, etc.

I will keep a similar form to how I have been doing my layouts previously, though there will be changes.

The key and index of fundamentally the same this year, though I have reduced the number of icons on my key. I got rid of every icon on my key that I never used in 2017, then I added a color variety to account for the various types of pens I have, and included a washi key. The index will still be two columns, though it is no longer color-coded and is in chronological order.

2018 Bullet Journal Year at a Glance Page

I love my year at a glance page. I will always include one. This one is nearly the same as all my previous ones.

2018 Bullet Journal Year at a Glance Page

One final difference this year is the use of a goals page. This page I use my Arteza watercolor pens and Tombow brush pens again. I categorized these goals: blog, legacy, logistics, home, health, and fun. Read more about my 2018 goals here.

Collections Bullet Journal

I cannot remember where I found this idea, but I have decided to have a collections journal. This is where I keep all of my pen test pages, collections trackers (i.e. reading list, movie list, etc.). Like my collections and lists? Check out some other bullet journal list ideas!

These pages are not restricted to the time in which I keep my planning journal and will not have to be remade every time I switch journals. Nor will I need to keep it on me like I do my planning journal.

While I have not completely filled this journal yet, here are the pages I have completed so far.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

List Bullet Journal

I have decided to keep a list bullet journal so that I can keep my packing lists, gift lists, and idea lists separate from my planner and collections journals. This one won’t be used nearly as often as the others, but I have loved it thus far. Check out my pages in this one!

2018 Blogging and Business Bullet Journal

This final journal is extremely exciting for me. It will allow me to be more organized in my business without it being muddled by my own personal goals and to-dos. I am drawing up this bullet journal in the Rhodia Goalbook which you can find over at J.B. Welly. You can read all about this journal here.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

I’d love to see your bullet journal for the new year! Join my Facebook group to share your own layouts with other bullet journalers! Not a bullet journaler yet? Check out my bullet journal beginner's challenge!

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