Pim's Empowering Words Watercolor Notebook

Pim's Empowering Words Watercolor Notebook

Pim ordered a custom bullet journal inspired planner. Pim's planner was a homemade leatherbound notebook which she sent me. Unlike other client notebooks I've designed, this one is more of a journal. Instead of various layouts, there are merely random watercolor spots with empowering words on them throughout the notebook. So, here is a breakdown of the notebook created for Pim.

Layout Description

This notebook is very different then other ones I have done. Instead of creating a planner, I added artwork to a journal. Further, I added a title page, watercolor artwork, and empowering words.

Title Page

Pim's title layout is a pink watercolor title page. For the header, "P.T." is in a calligraphy font. Then, unlike what I usually do, there is no second line


Throughout the notebook, there are spots of watercolor in various colors. Then, these watercolor spots are generally on the edges of the pages. Further, each spot is at different places on the pages. Finally, on top of the watercolored spots are empowering words. You can check out the different words I used below.

Empowering Words

  • Strength
  • Strong
  • Brave
  • Believe
  • Capable
  • Creative
  • Courage
  • Courageous

  • Life
  • Live
  • Laugh
  • Love
  • Happy
  • Respect
  • Worthy
  • Grateful

  • Sweet
  • Compassion
  • Compassionate
  • Beautiful
  • Humility
  • Grounded
  • Curious
  • Positive

Tools Used

More on Empowerment

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