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25+ Period Trackers to Empower Uterus-Owners

One of the most requested bullet journal round-ups is for period trackers. Many people who use bullet journals also have a uterus and so this type of tracker can be very handy. However, it is actually way harder than you might expect to find inspiration. So, to make your life easier, I have gathered a bunch of really amazing period trackers to empower every uterus owner in their bullet journal!

Basic Period Trackers

The first period trackers that I wanted to show off are more basic or simple types of trackers. These are not necessarily minimalistic, and they are not decorative; they are basic.


Basic Pixel Period Tracker

This first tracker is one that I have created in the past and is similar to one that I sell in a printable version. It is a simple pixel-style tracker with a bold header. Each day of the year has a box that can be filled according to one's period flow or symptoms.

photo credit: ElizabethJournals

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Oh Bloody Hell Period Tracker

I love the basic nature of this particular period tracker. Not only (like the previous layout) does it have a creative title, but it is also super easy to use and understand. Each little calendar represents a month, and then the uterus owner gets to highlight the week of their period. Simple as that!

photo credit: littlecoffeefox

Monthly Cycle Tracker

Here is another really easy to use tracker. Instead of only tracking the bloody days, this one also tracks fertility and other parts of a natural cycle!

photo credit: moxiedori

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F*ck Period Tracker

If you understand the pixel version of the period tracker, then this one will be a piece of cake. This period tracker is a more detailed version, including period flow, symptoms, and contraceptive tracking!

photo credit: Reddit User

freebie-form-image-winter self-care

Minimal Menstrual Tracking

We have taken a look at more basic period trackers, so let's take a look at minimal styles. These trackers are very minimal in style, clean in aesthetic, and generally include simple lines and no artwork.

Simplistic Period Tracker

I placed this particular tracker under minimal instead of basic because the design is slightly more complex. While it is just a layout where you highlight your flow days, but the days and months all flow together. This layout is really nice to look at but might be more difficult for some to use.

photo credit: plannerloveandprintables

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How's Your Flow?

I absolutely LOVE the minimalistic nature of this "Flow" chart. It works similar to a sleep chart where you mark your flow days. However, there is plenty of space to mark other aspects of your cycle, such as fertility as well! My favorite part is the minimal and functional design on this period tracker.

photo credit: bulletplannerideas

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Golden Period Tracker

Dots are such a great way to track your period flow. You can alter the size of the color of a dot according to the heaviness of your flow. This layout style is my personal favorite and the one that I use. If you are looking for something very easy and minimal, this is a great option.

photo credit: @elizabethturn

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Creative Period Trackers

We have checked out more basic period trackers and minimal versions, so now it only makes sense that we take a look at more detailed and creative period trackers!

Detailed Shark Week

This first one is creative in that there are a ton of little cute shark doodles. However, I chose this layout for the detail in tracking. It is similar to a pixel tracker, but trackers more than just flow. This spread tracks the cycle (or flow), intimacy, pain, and other symptoms and things the creator might experience during their cycles! I love the attention to detail!

photo credit: mermaidoutofwater83

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Satan's Waterfall Pixel Tracker

The humor and creativity involved in this period tracker are phenomenal. I will like this one speak for itself; however, it is a fun way to spice up a simple pixel style!

photo credit: Reddit User

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Floral Uterus Period Tracker

What I like most about this tracker is the merge between a minimal style and super creative artwork. This layout includes two years' worth of minimal dot-style period tracking AND some beautiful floral uterus artwork. What do you think of this art style?

photo credit: dressedtothewinesblog

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Other Great Trackers For Shark Week

We have checked out specific period trackers; however, there are other trackers that pair well with period trackers or might be vital to tracking overall health and wellness. Let's take a look at some of these other trackers!

Mood Trackers

The first and probably most well-known and relevant trackers are for mood or mental health. Below I gathered a range of mood trackers that I have created for customers.

While these are all titled "Mood," you can alter them to track items like stress, self-care downtime, pain levels, or anything else you can think of!

Symptom Trackers

This next category is specific to symptom trackers. Here are a few examples of ways to keep track of any symptoms you experience either as a result of your cycle or period or any other mental or physical ailments.

photo credit: craftyenginerd
photo credit: Reddit User
photo credit: chubki
minimal style bullet journal period tracker in ring bound dotted notebook_organized like a table. Top shows days of week and dates for month_left side shows pain level 0-3, fatigue level 0-3, and lists 15+ symptoms
photo credit: Pinecone Papers

Self-Care Menu

Something that is very important in general, but can also become even more important around flow-time is self-care. So, naturally, here are a few ideas for self-care menus in your bullet journal!

Fitness Trackers

Even if we prefer not to admit it, fitness and physical activity are very important in relieving physical period symptoms such as cramps. So, I gathered a few simple fitness trackers to inspire and empower your bullet journal.

Health Trackers

Finally, a natural end to these period tracker and related collections is other health-related trackers. Below you can see medication trackers, sleep tracking, health tracking, and water intake tracking.

Each of these aspects of life is very important for mental and physical well being. Also, they might become even more relevant during your period. Check out these inspirational layouts below!

Do you love these layouts? Check out more inspiration for your bullet journal by clicking here!

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