This month's theme and layout design are purposeful. So, let's walk through September's Pastel Bubbles bullet journal spread!

Pastel Bubbles September 2020 Bullet Journal PWM

Just like I do each month, for September, I decided to create a new theme to collect the entire month's spread together. In addition to a new theme, I am testing a new layout that brings together a few different layouts that I have tried and liked before. The concept behind September's theme, as well as the layout design, are very purposeful this month. So, let's walk through September's Pastel Bubbles bullet journal spread!

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Pastel Bubbles Theme Breakdown

So, this month's theme is "pastel bubbles," which are most accurately described visually. Throughout the month, there are circles outlined with black and filled in with pastel paint colors. Additionally, when these pastel bubbles overlap, the colors change to represent whatever color the two bubbles create. I was highly inspired by minimalism and abstraction for this theme. While it turned out differently than I originally envisioned, I absolutely love the final version!

September 2020 Layout Explanation

So, the way I set up my weeklies for September is both very different and very similar to how I have been doing it all of 2020. Let me explain. I kept both the daily to-do boxes fitting onto one page as I had it for August. So there is one per page and two weeks on one set of pages. However, I also did this for the hourly break-downs, which I had been using most of the year. Then, instead of having the hourly on the left page and the to-do on the right page for one week, I did two weeks of hourly, two weeks of to-do.

I chose to separate it like this because I find it useful to look at two weeks of scheduling or two weeks of to-dos at one time, and I use the two spread for very different reasons. Since my to-dos often don't correlate closely to my hourly appointments, there was no need for them to be next to one another.

Additional Layouts Updated & Added

This month I updated some of the behind the scenes layouts which I introduced in August. Additionally, I added a semester overview spread to help me to see the big picture for my final semester.

Fall Semester Overview

As I said, I added a semester overview to help me keep an eye on the overall semester separately from my weekly spreads. This spread shows the semester from start to finish. There is a key for assignments that are written and marked on the calendar. Additionally, there are two to-do lists; one for graduation paperwork and a second for licensure paperwork and to-dos. You can watch me create this spread in the video below or over on YouTube!

Free Resource Library Content Planner

This spread is one that I updated from the previous one. Instead of a vertical spread, I decided to condense it into smaller squares and have two horizontal calendars. The weekend boxes are smaller than the weekday boxes as I never create and launch a resource on the weekends and will likely never need these boxes. Watch me create this calendar below.

YouTube Content Calendars

These YouTube content calendars are essentially the same as the previous ones; however, I did make minor changes to the keys. Additionally, I created a content calendar for both of my YouTube channels: ElizabethPlants and ElizabethJournals. Check out the creation of the content calendar for ElizabethPlants below!

Tools Used

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