Writing out your notes can drastically improve your memory retention. So, here are some outstanding notebooks for productive studies.

Top 5 Outstanding Notebooks For Productive Studies

Even in the digital age where everything needs to be “smart” and paperless, you can’t get around physical notebooks. Did you know that writing your notes on physical paper improves memory and retention? There is something about recording your thoughts on paper that makes you think with more clarity. This fact is especially true when you are anxious. With premium-quality outstanding notebooks, you can give a clear structure to those clear thoughts. Here are some of the best notebooks for productive studies.

Thick Classic Notebook from Lemome

Classics become classics due to their timeless quality, and this notebook from Lemome justifies its name. It has a hard leather cover that is taut and crafted to perfection with close stitching. It protects all your flowcharts, bulletins, and scribbles; even ones that seem meaningless at the moment but provide enlightenment at the most unexpected time. All 180 pages of the notebook are of high-quality paper that is thick. Additionally, the pages are wide-ruled to tolerate a bit of rough handling and your creative writing in all kinds of fonts.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook delivers you a unique notebook. Their notebook allows you to write over and over while organizing your thoughts and test material for productive studies. Rocketbook makes their paper from a particular type of polyester. However, they still retain that unique texture and feel you get from real paper.

Combine that with the heat-sensitive pens that come with the notebook, and you get a very eco-friendly solution to capture your thoughts and learnings. Rocketbook also has an app that allows you to capture the images of your notes and upload it to your cloud storage in Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive.

Five Star Advance Spiral Notebook

Five Star has an outstanding notebook that combines simplicity with convenience to make a very easy to use and familiar notebook. Further, with 200 sheets of good quality paper, you can take all the notes and make every checklist you can think of needing. To organize topics, you get color-coded tab dividers, and the movable dividers let you achieve another level of organization. Additionally, the notebook has durable plastic covers on both the back and the front, which help in protecting your precious notes.

Black n' Red Hardcover Notebook

This notebook is one of the most affordable in this list or any other list of notebooks. In addition to a reasonable price-point, this notebook has a durable case-bound binding that would hold the sheets together even under some rough handling. It also has a red ribbon marker that helps you pick up from where you left off, or you can use it for marking the essential notes before your final test.

Mintra Office Top Bound

Mintra’s nifty notebook is wire-bound at the top. That means every sheet always lays flat and helps you write without compromises. Moreover, since it is wire-bound at the top and is large enough with margins, the wires don’t get in the way of your writing. You can take notes, make doodles, and create illustrative flowcharts without any issues.

A notebook is a great tool to improve your productivity and organization skills. The notebooks discussed here are some of the best you can purchase online. Hopefully, these outstanding notebooks would help you with your productive studies.

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