For August, ,I made a lot of changes and added a lot of new spreads. You will surely love my orange watercolor August 2020 bullet journal spread.

Orange Watercolor August Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

August is my favorite month of the year. There is really only one reason for this; it's my birthday month. Regardless, I always try to do a bright, happy, and enjoyable theme for my August spreads. This August is no different as I went with a nice bright orange watercolor theme. In addition to the theme, I made some spectacular changes to my normal layouts and added a lot of new spreads. You will surely want to scroll down and read about my orange watercolor August 2020 bullet journal spread.

Tools Used

Orange Watercolor Theme Breakdown

When I decided to create this month's theme, my goal was to do something similar but different than my Tie-Dye June theme. However, it ended up being far closer to June than intended. I did a mixture of yellow and orange watercolor paint and tried to blend it around. My goal was for this month to be more orange than yellow and to be more watercolor than tie-dye; however, it was less like intended.

Regardless, I do really enjoy my August theme, even though it is very similar to June.

Orange Watercolor August 2020 Layout Explanation

For August, I decided to make a few important changes to my layout structure. First, I decided to add a border with no paint to the cover page. This is less important than the next change however.

The past few months I have not been utilizing my hourly schedule really at all. So, I decided to get rid of this portion all together and instead, combined two weeks together. This change saved space and ink. I really enjoy this change and am considering making it a more long-term change than I had originally intended it to be.

Additional Layouts Updated & Added

This month I made some organizational changes to how I run ElizabethJournals behind the scenes. I also did some organizing of my thoughts and content for ElizabethPlants. In doing this I created a few content calendars to help inform my daily and weekly to-dos. Additionally, I updated my original content calendar by adding an email content calendar to the right.

Content Calendar & Email Topic Calendar

The first change I made was to my original content calendar. I added a few items to the bottom row which specify when I post on YouTube and on what day of the week I post a new planner kit. Further, I made this change to be more consistent on YouTube and to be better about posting planner kits more often!

Then, to the right of those changes, I created something similar but for email topics. I tend to be very lazy about my emails and I wanted to be more organized and consistent with the types of emails i send. This prompted some technical changes to how my email list is organized as well as adding this lovely schedule to inform my to-do list.

YouTube Content Calendars

The next calendars I created include my calendars for both YouTube accounts I run (ElizabethJournals & ElizabethPlants). There are slight differences between the two calendars. Mainly, the calendar for ElizabethPlants includes a list of ideas and key I created the key for ElizabethPlants because that channel is monetized and frequently sponsored. These details do not apply for ElizabethJournals as much.

Shop & Resource Library Content Calendars

I have lumped these final two calendars together because I created them nearly identically. Essentially they are the same as the video calendar for ElizabethJournals. However, the content for these two calendars is housed on instead of a third party site.

Tools Used

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