November Bullet Journal | Gold & Geometry Plan-with-Me

November Bullet Journal | Gold & Geometry Plan-with-Me

Usually, for November, my bullet journal layouts are oranges, reds, and browns to match with Thanksgiving. However, this year I wanted to switch things up and instead focus on gold and a geometric washi tape that I really wanted to use. Here I will break down my November bullet journal plan-with-me. Read until the end to get the autumn coupon! For now, check out my November bullet journal! This post may contain affiliate links.

November Bullet Journal

November Bullet Journal Theme | Gold & Geometric Washi Tape

As I mentioned, November’s theme is gold and geometric washi tape. Nearly all of the gold involved comes from Pentouch gold paint marker, the remainder of the gold is found on the washi tape. The washi tape involved is a pink, orange, teal, and black geometric design with a little bit of gold foil. I found this washi tape on an Etsy shop called PlayingWithColor2. The entirety of the month’s layouts are centered around these two products. I also chose to stick with cursive fonts for the most part.

November Layouts

The title page of this month features the washi tape horizontally through the page slightly north of the mid-mark. The tape is laid out so that the gold bit is at the top like a shelf. “November” is written in a fun cursive in gold.

For each of the weekly layouts, I used a black print ink for the main headers and gold cursive for the letters which represent the days of the week. The left and right page edges are lined with the geometric washi tape with the gold bits facing the edge of the pages. The first week is different than the rest of the weeks. For the first week I kept my lines the same way they were last month; however, I changed it up for the remaining weeks. I kept only the corners of the columns and the full horizontal line for the subsequent weeks.

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