Nighttime Sky May 2019 Bullet Journal | Plan-With-Me

Nighttime Sky May 2019 Bullet Journal | Plan-With-Me

May's theme came so easily to me this time. I generally wait until the end of a month to create the next month's spread. However, this time I will be away on vacation, so I worked ahead. Working ahead did not phase me since I knew what I wanted to do while I was still creating my April set up. Without further ado, check out my Nighttime Sky May 2019 bullet journal set-up!

My May 2019 Process & Theme

I decided what I wanted my may theme to be while I was working on my April bullet journal set-up. I do not know what inspired me specifically, but I was excited to get it going. Once I finished April, I immediately worked ahead to get May going. I wanted to go for a night sky kind of feel. I have not used watercolor yet this year and I thought that would be the best way to get the look I was going for. It worked out perfectly.

First, I covered the entire page in black watercolor, I wanted it dark but not too dark. Then, I added some indigo blue and my own purple mixture in an attempt to get a galaxy feel. The colors aren't as vibrant as I originally hoped, they cannot really be seen in the images. Regardless, I really like the turnout.

Since I enjoyed the use of white paint pen in April I decided to do white stars over the watercolor. After I finished, I realized it looked more like a snow storm than a nighttime sky. So, I went over the white stars with gold instead. I went over the white lettering with blank pain ink. Gold and black lettering made a huge difference and I stuck with that for the rest of my set-up.

My May 2019 Set-Up

Like usual, My set-up includes a hello page and weekly pages. I keep this relatively simple. So, the hello page for May is completely covered with the watercolor and gold stars as I previously described Then, the lettering is done in black minimal calligraphy per my 2019 theme.

The weekly layouts are identical to my April set-up. The blank space is covered in the same black, blue, and purple watercolor mix and gold stars. Then, the lettering for the header is done in black minimal lettering. Further, there are seven columns, one for each day of the week. The columns are outlined in black. Lastly, each day of the week is written in a black print font this month.

Honorably Mentioned: New Theme Page

I have seen these theme swatch pages floating around on Instagram more often lately. This is a layout I didn't know existed previously. However, I love them!

I decided to go back and start one of my own. Here are my theme swatches for the first five months of my 2019 bullet journal!

Planning Tools Used

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