Nature is such a soothing and calming bujo theme. This round-up of bullet journal layout was inspired by calming nature themes and visuals.

25+ Calming Nature Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Currently, we are all lockup up in our homes, so, I thought that a nature-themed bullet journal round-up was perfect. Further, this round-up of bullet journal layout was inspired by calming nature themes and visuals.

Hello March Mountain Sunrise Cover

bujo.becca hello march cover sunrise mountains

I love this first layout because of the happy vibes, bright colors, and simplicity. There is just something about this one that makes me happy.

February Tropical Leaves Cover

Winter Cabin Weekly Log

I love the cabin-in-the-woods vibe of this layout! Additionally, I love the center imagery and artwork is diagonal! So, it really gives this spread some fun dimension and looks really nice!

Mood Child Nature Artwork

Moose & Forest Weekly Log

Nautical Habit Tracker

It may feel out of place in this round-up, but I wanted to include this nautical spread regardless. Further, I believe a nice beach scene with some natural creatures is such a fun theme for any layout! So, if you love nautical themes, check out my underwater bullet journal round-up HERE.

December Winter Nature Cover

February Mountain Scene Cover

Natural Forest Weekly Log

Treehouse Doodle

Moon Forest Doodle

Autumn Nature Trail Quote Page

Watercolor Branches

How to Doodle A Mountain

Who doesn't love a good doodle tutorial? I like this one because of the mountain style, plus she's added explanations!

Vacation Week One

Forest Cat

Nature in August

Birchwood Monthly Log

Autumn Weekly Log

Leaf Instagram Tracker

As you might have noticed, some of these layouts are watercolor while others are doodle style or sketch art. Which do you prefer for your nature spreads?

Watercolor Autumn Trees November Cover

Nature Mountain Weekly Log

Nature Mood Tracker

These layouts are all gorgeous! Further, I love the addition of mountains and forests. So, which do you prefer, mountains or forests?

November Monthly Log Forest

Autumn Leaf Mood Tracker

Do you love these nature-inspired bullet journal layouts? Which of these layouts is your favorite? Then, check out some other amazing bullet journal inspiration.

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