Today, students can obtain knowledge beyond the library with plenty of online resources and tools. Here is a list of must-have resources for students.

Must-Have Resources for Students

Knowledge is one of the main pillars of modern society and information is as much of a tool as it is a weapon used by different countries. Today, students can obtain knowledge beyond the confines of the library with plenty of resources and tools available online. However, so many options can be overwhelming. We did the hard work for you to make a list of must-have resources for students.


This is an app or tool that makes it to almost any list of useful tools. The versatile tool allows you to manage your time, organize your life, helps to write a book, and much more. Its wide range of uses and functionality makes it irreplaceable for users who have tried it.

Its core feature of note-taking makes it quintessential for any student pursuing any degree. It will sync flawlessly on all of your devices throughout multiple platforms. Apart from taking notes, you can also snap pictures, copy pieces of texts, write with your hands via stylus, and more.


With the rising cost of higher education in the United States and student debt being one of the looming crises faced by the country, student mobility programs have gained a lot of steam. More people are looking forward to studying abroad. However, it also brings a disadvantage, inadequate language proficiency.

PaperWritings is a service that offers students academic assistance, editing, proofreading, and more to help them write essays and complete assignments. It helps students to close the gap left in academic standards of writing due to a lack of language proficiency.


GoConqr is an indispensable resource for students who have a knack for visual learning. It is a unique platform that has everything from flashcards and flowcharts to notes and quizzes. It is community-driven where you can access libraries created by other users, or you can even create your own study material to share it among our fellow peers.


Coursera has plenty of online courses in different fields made in collaboration with leading universities. The courses range from humanities and art to business and computer science. You get certificates after completion of the courses and eventually, they may add up to a degree. Moreover, the courses are interactive with quizzes, projects, and videos.

Open Culture

Last, but definitely not the least is Open Culture. Students can use this treasure trove of a resource for both personal development and research projects. It is a non-profit project that has an overwhelming collection of MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses), free lectures, and more from various universities. A lot of them even come with certificates and free materials including audiobooks, textbooks, language lessons, etc.


Grammarly is an amazing resource for writing assistance. I have the premium option which I absolutely love; however, there is also a free option that helps to improve your writing skills. The free version and premium versions also integrate well with Microsoft Office programs like Word, google documents, most websites, most browsers, etc. This is a must-have source for any student who has to write essays or papers.


If you struggle with time management and keeping track of your assignments, MyHomework is an amazing application and website to help you keep track of your homework. This resource allows you to track your homework according to class, priority level, due date, and more. This resource was a must-have for me in college and will surely be a must-have for you!

Learning is something that you can never get enough of. With education becoming more expensive, these resources for students help the further proliferation of knowledge and enable them to pursue academic excellence along with organization and convenience. However, these resources aren’t just limited to students who are pursuing higher education, but for everyone who wants to indulge in lifelong learning.

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