20+ Moon & Space Bujo Spreads Out-Of-This-World

20+ Moon & Space Bujo Spreads Out-Of-This-World

With October being the Halloween month, we are often looking for creepy and spooky bullet journal layouts to inspire us (and I have those; check it out here). However, not everyone wants creepy spreads for their planner. A great October alternative is a moon and space theme bullet journal spread. Here is a collection of over 20 moon and space theme bullet journal spread that are out of this world!

Crescent Moon Quote

I started with this layout because of its simplicity and because anyone can do it! This one is simply a quote within the shape of a crescent moon!

image credit: tonisjournal


2020 Lunar Calendar

This next spread is one of my own, and it is my most popular spread (available in the shop). This is a lunar calendar. This one is very simple, including four moon phases for one year; however, keep scrolling to view more variations to this one!

Want to learn more, check out my post on astrology by clicking here!

You can also check out some astrology-themed bullet journal spread by clicking here!

image credit: AmandaBujo

2020 Cover Window to the Stars

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Planets Mood Tracker

This planets mood tracker is another one of my more popular bullet journal spreads (also available on the shop, click here to check it out). This page is a Planet-themed or space-themed mood tracker where a different planet represents each day

image credit: AmandaBujo

Moon & Sunset Art Page

Here is another gorgeous moon representation. This one is less practical and more artistic in nature. It features a crescent moon with watercolor nighttime sky artwork within it and chandelier details hanging from it.

image credit: Witchi Art Bullet Journal

Crescent Moon July Weekly Log

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Yellow Planet Playlist

What I love about this particular bullet journal layout is that it includes the solar system, but also uses bright yellow and is not the kind of layout you would expect at first glance. My first guess was a future log or monthly log of some kind; however, upon closer investigation. It is in fact a playlist spread!

image credit: plinthced

Star Gazing August Cover

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Spaceship Weekly Log

I absolutely love this weekly log, which was requested in a custom bullet journal order. In the center of two pages is a space-inspired watercolor circle for the header. Then, the week's days are scattered around the two pages with a spaceship flying around the page! It is a super fun layout to create and look at!

image credit: RhiannonBujo

Space & Planets August Monthly Log

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black paper notebook with 2019 cover and 2019 goals with silver detailing

Hello 2019 Galaxy Cover Page

I chose to include this layout because it is different than the others included in this round-up. The primary difference is the background. The majority of the spread has been painted black. Then, you can see places where white stars have been painted in. It truly is a space-theme spread.

image credit: kellisbujo

My Moon Weekly Log

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October Sun & Mood Cover Page

This October cover page is, by far, one of my favorite in this round-up. I love the merging of the sun and moon in this black and white visual. Additionally, I absolutely love the simple yet detailed art style. Plus, if you look closer, there is a small amount of gold, and you know how much I love gold!

image credit: Artistry by Bella

Moon Phases & Moon Events

Just like I mentioned before, here is another lunar or moon phase spread. However, instead of marking the changes in phases for a year, it notes specific events throughout the year and has a beautiful full-page visual of the different phases

image credit: KatieBujo

Gold & Space Watercolor Art

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Moon Phases October Cover

Speaking of mood phases, here is a beautiful rendition of the lunar phases on a cover page! I love the artistic style of this October cover page.

image credit: JournalingAnna

Hello June Space & Stars

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Space & Star Sign September Monthly Log

What I love about bullet journaling is how customizable it is. This is a very functional monthly overview, including to-do lists, goals, habits, and an overview. In addition to all of those great functional aspects, there is still room for visual space and astrological details!

image credit: KatieBujo

Moon Phases November Cover Page & Quote

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Outer Space April Monthly Log

Here is another way to utilize moon and space themes in a monthly log. This one features more centralized artwork with each day of the month going around the circle.

image credit: JournalbyHart

Regardless of what month you are inspired for, these layouts are gorgeous, out-of-this-world examples of what your journal could look like! I absolutely love these moon and space bullet journal spreads. Let us know in the comments what your favorite one is! Check out more bullet journal inspiration by clicking here.

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