Minimal Archer & Olive Custom Planner for Danielle

Minimal Archer & Olive Custom Planner for Danielle

Danielle ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planner. Her planner is an Archer & Olive A5 Dotted Hardcover. She requested muted tones of colors and bold, easy-to-read fonts. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, future log, year at a glance, monthly cover pages, monthly overview & habit tracker, reading log, monthly log, and weekly log. Here you can read more about Danielle's planner.

Tools Used For Danielle's Bujo

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Danielle’s custom planner.

Watercolor Title Page

The title page Danielle requested is far less traditional. In fact, she requested a peice of art instead of a title or header. So, for her layout I did a black and white sunflower sketch-style art page.

Future Log

The next layout she requested is a future log based on a layout she sent me. This log is in a column style with brush lettered headers and a line for each day of that month. Further, for each Saturday and Sunday I filled in the date box with the assigned color for that month. Each page includes two months.

Year at a Glance

In addition to the future log, Danielle requested a year at a glance with the calendar grids appearing in a circular way around the main header, "2020." Further, all sub-headers are in brush lettering.

Monthly Cover Pages

Next, she wanted a one page cover page for each month. Each cover page is a similar format including a black circle in the center of the page with seasonal imagery in it. Then, the header is brush lettered across the bottom of the circle image in the color assigned to that month.

Monthly Overview and Habit Tracker

Immediately following the monthly cover page is a section for goals and for six habits to be tracked. The goals are in the top section of the page and habits are in the bottom portion of the page.

Monthly Log

This monthly log is very minimal including a simple calendar grid with minor shadows to each box. Further, the headers are in brush lettering.

Reading Log

This layout is primarily black with the exception of the header which I did in a black brush lettering.

Weekly Log

Finally, the weekly log includes a column on the left side, 5 full size boxes for weekdays, and two half size boxes for the weekends. Further, there is a mini calendar at the bottom of the week column box.

Tools Used

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