Michele's Pink & Purple Bullet Journal

Michele's Pink & Purple Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Michele. Michele's notebook was created in a black A6 size notebook with the main colors being pink and purple. Layouts include a title page, future plan, bills tracker, monthly expenses, morals and values, self-care ideas, mood pixels, morning and night routines, books to read, home cleaning checklist, monthly calendar, monthly goals, habit tracking, health tracking, monthly budget, meal planning, and weekly log.

Layouts Included

Watercolor Title Page:

This is a purple and pink watercolor title page. In a calligraphy font I wrote "Michele," then on the second line "2018" is written in an all-caps print font.

Future Planning Layout:

This layout features 2 columns per page, each column features a month from that year. The main titling is in a purple cursive and each month is titled in a pink print font.

Bill Tracker:

This layout is a simple table with a purple cursive header. The columns include the bill, bill amount, due date or date paid, and a column for each month of the year.

Monthly Expenses Tracker:

Expenses are similar to the bills layout except instead of the bill column, there is an expense column. This layout is for all other expenses.

Moral Values Page:

This is a mostly blank page with a pink banner. In the banner "Moral Values" is written in black print font.

Self-Care Ideas:

Similar to the moral values layout, this one is mostly blank. The header is in a purple calligraphy font and down the right side is a flower doodle.

Year in Pixels:

This page is a grid involving a square for each day of the year. Across the bottom is a key indicating how to fill in the square for each day. The key is unfinished so that Michele could decide how to fill it in.

Morning & Nightly Routine:

This layout is a list of things Michele does or aspires to do each morning and night. The morning routine is on the left page and the nightly routine is on the right page. The main header is in a purple calligraphy font and the secondary header is a pink calligraphy font.

Books to Read:

This page is a simple black and white bookshelf covering two pages. The header is written in a bold pink calligraphy-style cursive.

Home Cleaning:

Similar to the morning and night routine, the home cleaning layout is a list. The main header here is in a purple calligraphy and black print font. The sub-headers involved include daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, bi-annually, and other.

Monthly Calendar:

I used a simple grid calendar with pink or purple calligraphy titling vertically down the right side.

Goals Page:

This layout is one that includes 3 rows for goal writing: monthly, weekly, and daily. The main header is either pink or purple calligraphy font.

Habit Tracker:

Like the mood tracker, the habit tracker is a grid for each month with a square for each day of that month. The header is either pink or purple calligraphy font and black print font.

Health Tracking:

The health tracker includes a medication tracking grid, hours of sleep graph, and water tracking grid. The header is in pink print and minimal cursive fonts.

Monthly Budget:

This budget includes 4 sections: income, expenses, debt, and savings. The main header is a classic black print and the section headers are a pink minimal calligraphy-style cursive.

Monthly Meal Plan:

This meal plan is similar to a habit grid, except there is space for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to be written in for each day.

Weekly Log:

This two-page layout is most blank. At the top of the left page in pink or purple is “weekly log” in calligraphy cursive. On the top of the right page is a calendar of the month with that week highlighted.

Notes & To-Do:

This page is mainly blank with “Notes” and "To-do" written in a regular print all-caps font on opposing corners. A line then connects these words.

Oops Spending Tracker:

This is a tracker meant for accidental or unintended purposes. Columns here include item, amount, and date. The header is a pink or purple calligraphy font.

Tools Used

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