This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for March 2020 where I decided to do a switch up with a metallic green theme.

Metallic Green March 2020 Plan-with-Me

This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for March 2020. I decided to do a little bit of a switch up with this month's theme.

As I mentioned in my 2020 overview video, I plan to keep this year simple to give me time to work on other things. Let's get started.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

The Metallic Green Process

As you probably know, I have been trying to be more minimalistic this year with my own personal bullet journal due to time. However, it is a little boring for me to keep everything the same each month. So, to mix things up, I decided to start using other metallic colors. Because the general theme for March is green for St. Patty's Day, I chose a metallic green color. This metallic green has replaced the gold for March.

The Layout Descriptions

Nothing except the metallic color has changed for the month of March. Essentially, the function of the spread is the same as it was for February and January. However, let's dive into if you aren't familiar. The left page is where I keep my schedule for Monday through Saturday by the half-hour. This one is super useful to help me keep track of meetings and appointments. Then, on the right page is six rectangle boxes representing each day of the week. Saturday and Sunday share the sixth box. Here is where I mark all-day events, holidays, due dates, and daily to-dos. This spread has been working phenomenally for me and I intend to keep it!

Additional Layouts

Finally, let's talk about extra layouts. First, I wanted to show off an update about my plant care tracker which I showed an unfinished version of last month. Ultimately, the main change is the header. I have to add a day of water and do a fertilizing session soon!

Next, I added a video ideas page! I had not added my ideas at the time I took the photo, but I am so excited to explore new video ideas both for ElizabethJournals and ElizabethPlants!

Products Used

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