Yellow Houseplant May Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me

Yellow Houseplant May Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me

Boy, is this year moving by so quickly! Does anyone else agree, or is it just me? Anyway, it’s May! That means that I get to share with you my May bullet journal layout and walk you through my inspirations and the process of my creating it. For those who might be interested, I am working toward being able to do a video walkthrough (excited!). This month’s theme was yellow and houseplants. I really wanted the houseplant theme to be done, though I did this minimally. I then chose yellow as my secondary color because it is a very fun and happy summery color and I am looking forward to summer so much! Without further ado, here is my May bullet journal plan-with-me.

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Theme | Yellow & House Plants

When I was trying to think of a theme for May, I immediately thought of houseplants! I was organizing my washi tape, stickers, and stamps when I came across my houseplant stickers. I then chose to stick to more neutral washi tape in order be able to match a houseplant sticker with it. I was initially going to draw houseplants on the cover page with Tombow Dual Brush Pens, but changed my mind last minute and went with my Arteza Watercolor Brush Pens. I did all of my layouts before deciding that the cover needed another plant. I chose yellow instead of green for two reasons:

  1. I used green in April
  2. Summer is coming, and yellow is a happy summer color


I really liked the minimal cursive I used in my April Bullet Journal layouts and decided to stick to it. I also stuck with the same general design. The main changes you will see are minor—even noticeable. On the monthly layout, I merged the titling and top border of the “to-do” and “goals” sections. You might also be able to see some gold detailing on the main title, “May” which is also all in lower-case.

My weekly layouts all include yellow detailing, black or gray and white washi tape, and a houseplant sticker. The sticker is the single difference between my May layouts and April Layouts. I have really enjoyed the simple and minimal look of these functional layouts as of late, though I would love to see your layouts to inspire some changes! Join my bullet journal Facebook group: Jihi Bullet Journal Sharing to show off your bullet journal or planner!

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