May 2017 Bullet Journal Spread | Plan with Me

May 2017 Bullet Journal Spread | Plan with Me

This month's bullet journal layout is not much different than April. It is simple, short, and organized. Regardless, I would like to show you what I have come up with!

Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

For May's bullet journal spread I did not make very many changes to the monthly layout. Like usual, there is a different quote this month, “Organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true.”

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

There is also a change in how I mark day-long events. I have decided to draw a line through the bottom of the days involved and write the event above the line (refer to May 3rd through the 7th). When the event lasts only one day, I simply write it in the appropriate color and day.

Lastly, I have written the days of the week in cursive instead of print.

No crazy changes.

Weekly Layout

My weekly layout is where all the changes really occur. I almost completely revamped this page.

Left Side

I keep the left side almost entirely the same. I still include the Events and Appointments sections—however, I shorten Appointments to “Appts”. I still have the day and date followed by the To Do column.

The header on the left side drastically changes for May. Instead of printing “May Week One” out, I have used cursive and shortened “Week One” to “WK 1.” I do not know if I will keep this, let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you like the new weekly header?

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Right Side

Moving on to the right side. Here is where the changes really role in. I have kept the “Blog” column as it is my most used column. The following column used to be a tracking column, but I have shrunk my goals and moved them into the header. I have two clearly marked goals: “Yoga / Abs” and “2 Cups of H2O.” Each day I complete my goal I will simply put an X on the appropriate day. To the left of these goals, I have written “Goal” in cursive.

The last column has been broken into two sections, “Subscriptions / Bills” and “Shopping Lists.” I noticed that I am barely using the shopping list right now and it didn’t need to take up so much space. So, I chopped it in half and began brainstorming what would be useful to put above it.

Then it occurred to me! I am always unaware of automatic payments that come out of my accounts each month. To fix this I have added the “Subscriptions / Bills” column to help me keep track of my automatic spending and payments!

Mind Dump Bullet Journal Layout

Mind Dump and Other Pages

Each month so far, I have added a “Mind Dump” page. However, this month is different because I have not yet filled April’s Mind Dump. Why add a new one if I don’t need it? If it becomes a needed page, I will add it, but for now, it isn’t necessary.

Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant
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