Black & Gold Geometric March Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

Black & Gold Geometric March Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

This month’s theme is black and gold geometric and was inspired by Emma’s title page. I have always loved very geometric modern shape designs and was planning on using it at some point this year. Since I did not have any ideas for March, I decided now was the time! Read more about my layouts below.

February Updates

Before we get into my March set-up, I have added some layouts to February since writing my February plan-with-me. As you can see, there are 3 layouts that are new. These are a measurement tracker, exercise plan or schedule, and a meal tracker. Halfway through February I joined a group for exercise and meal planning and wanted to test out tracking my progress in these areas. I only used the meal tracker for a week and fell off near the end. I stopped tracking this in my planner. The measurements and exercises have been useful and I will continue to use these.

My March Set-up

My setup this month is not unlike my previous set-ups. I kept the title page different but remained with the minimal gold font of my 2019 theme. Then I move directly into my weekly spreads. These involve 7 columns, one for each day of the week. There is a main header identifying the month, then a week number on the right page. Each column has its own header identifying the date and day of the week.

My March Process & Theme

This month’s process was a little more messed up and chaotic than normal. I knew I wanted the theme to be geometric so I rolled with that. Once I got to the second week I realized that the Sakura Pentouch Paint Markers bleed quite a bit so I went back to week 1 and began painting the inside of the boxes white.

Immediately I realized that I did not want to paint over the dots inside of the daily boxes. I continued to paint everywhere else, including the title page, and re-drawing all the boxes, circles, and other shapes. Once I figured out how I wanted it, I finished the remainder of the weeks that way.

Tools Used

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