Maddie's Purple Nature Bullet Journal

Maddie's Purple Nature Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of Maddie's two custom purple nature bullet journal. Maddie's notebooks are in a black A5 size notebook with the primary color of purple and a kind of nature theme. Layouts include a title page, index, the year at a glance, semester overview, quote pages, monthly hello, monthly calendar, self-care log, gratitude log, wellness tracker, monthly to-do, weekly layout, goals, gift ideas, budget layout, and savings tracker.

Layouts Included

Both of Maddie's notebooks are extremely similar, I will only describe the layouts once.

Title Page:

The first title page layout is a bold cursive"2018" in black with black glitter. Surrounding "2018" are watercolor pink and purple flowers. The second title page layout is similar except there are fewer flowers and the title says "2019" instead.


I used a very basic index layout here. I wrote the important pages on every other link in a bold print font

Year at a Glance:

This year at a glance features 12 months, September 2018 through August 2019, in a calendar format. The months are vertical and in purple cursive. The second-year at a glance features 12 months, May 2019 through June 2020.

Semester Overview:

Every few months there is a semester overview titled in print font. This layout includes 4 to 5 columns, one for each month of that semester.

Purple Hello Monthly:

Each month has its own hello page. This page features the name of the month in a purple calligraphy font. Below that is a lotus in either pink or purple with glitter.

Purple & Brown Paper Quote:

To the left of every hello page is a positive quote which I printed out on brown paper. Next, I ripped the page into an organic shape.

Monthly Calendar:

I used a simple grid calendar. Around this grid is watercolor tropical leaves. The header is a bold calligraphy cursive in purple. Additionally, the notes section is in the bottom left and is another ripped piece of brown paper.


The next layout involves 4 different trackers: symptom tracker, medication tracker, pain scale, and sleep tracking graph.

Self-Care & Gratitude:

The next two pages include grids with enough spaces for each day of the month. The left page has the heading "Self-Care" and the right page has the heading "Gratitude." Both headers are in a bold purple calligraphy font.

Weekly Grid:

Maddie chose to have a combination of two weekly spreads used. The grid a simple 8-square grid. Header lettering was done in a purple calligraphy font and all other lettering is done in a print font.

Weekly Rows:

The weekly layouts include 7 rows, 4 on the left page and 3 on the right. The main header is an all-caps black ink print. The day of the week is a bold purple capital letter and the date is a small subscript.

Weekly Columns:

This page features 7 columns for 7 days of the week. The main titling is done in print font and weekday titling is done in purple and is just the first letter with a subscript for the date.

Monthly To-Do:

At the end of each month is a page that is mainly blank with the name of the month in cursive and "TO-DO" written in a regular print all-caps font. A line then connects these words to the edge of the page.

At the back of the notebook are 3 final layouts

Purple Goals:

This layout is mainly blank with "goals" written in purple calligraphy font outlined in black ink. There is a line going from the left page to the right behind the header.

Purple Gift Ideas:

This page has the header "Gift Ideas" written in purple calligraphy font outlined in black ink. The column included are the person, the gifts, where the gifts are purchased.

Purple Bills & Savings Tracking:

The left page of this layout is a bill tracker. The bill tracker accounts for 12 months of bills. The purple sections are for the title of the bill, then an amount and date can be written in the sections below according to the appropriate month.

The right page includes a savings tracker. There are 6 bars for 6 goals to be written in. The bars are to be filled as the goals are reached. At the bottom of this page is a box titled "financial goals." The two headers are purple calligraphy font.

Tools Used

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