Liv's Pink and Purple Custom Planner

Liv's Pink and Purple Custom Planner

Liv ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planner. Her planner is a purple Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted Hardcover. The primary colors used for Liv's notebook are pink and purple.  Further, the layouts involved include a title page, index, key, future log, bill tracker, year in pixels, goals, monthly overview, and weekly log. Here you can read more about Liv's planner. 

Tools Used for Liv's Planner

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Liv’s custom planner.

Watercolor Title Page

This spread opens the notebook with purple and pink watercolor. The background of the concept includes a light purple watercolor circle.  Then, over the edges of the circle are four pink and purple watercolor flowers.  The header is "Liv's" in black brush lettering and "2020 Bullet Planner" in a black print font.


The next spread is a three-page index. The index has a bold pink and purple header and includes each layout and the pages they are on. 

The page numbers are in the left column and layout title in the right column.


Following the index is a simple key page.  The header is in a purple script, and then the essential items are in the center of the page.  The legend is within a bold box, including several key items specifically requested by Liv.

Future Log

The future log spread includes two months per page. The monthly headers are in pink or purple brush lettering. 

Below the headers are mini calendars. Further, below each monthly section is a combined section for both months for events and deadlines by date. 

Dotted lines border each section area.

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Bill Tracker

Following the future log is a year-long bill tracker with sections left blank for bills to be inputted each month.  The areas where a header is inputted are highlighted in pink or purple.

Year in Pixels Mood Tracker

Next, Liv requested a year in pixels spread to track her moods as well as to total her moods for each month in the year. 

There is a square for each day of each month. 

Additionally, there is a square for each mood to be totaled each month and for the full year.

Goals & Rewards

This goal spread includes four sections to clarify the main goal, steps to reach the goal, and a reward for reaching the goal.  Headers are in pink or purple brush lettering.

Monthly Overview

The left page of the monthly overview includes six sections. The sections are for goals, events, stuff to plan, reading list, watch list, and reflection. 

Then, the right page includes a monthly calendar, notes section, and next month section. 

The headers for this spread are in a pink or purple minimal script.

Weekly Log

Finally, the week log includes an area for each day of the week as well as for "next week."  Further, each section header is a minimal script highlighted in pink or purple.  The far left section includes the main header, mini calendar with that week highlighted, habit tracker, budget tracker, and a daily gratitude section. And, the main header is in pink or purple brush lettering.

Tools Used for Liv's Planner​

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