Danielle combined a feminine light pink and a powerful lettering to create her custom planner. Check out Danielle's beautiful bullet journal.

Beautiful Light Pink Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

Pink is an incredibly popular bullet journal theme. However, it often pairs with other themes such as flowers or hearts. Danielle's custom bullet journal is light pink themed. But, instead of pairing with flowers, she chose a bold print lettering to be her center-piece. She decided to combine a beautiful and feminine light pink with powerful and bold lettering to pull together this fantastic custom planner. Check out Danielle's beautiful light pink bullet journal and the tools used to create it here.


Tools Used For Danielle's Bujo

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Danielle's custom planner.

Light Pink Cover Page

This is a minimal title page. In a bold print font I wrote “DPH,” then on the second line “2020 - 2021 Planner” is written in an all-caps print font

2020 to 2021 Calendex

The calendex is a table style future log. Each column represents a month and each row represents a day of each month. The columns are then broken up by each week. The header is a black print lettering and the sub-headers are light pink numbers.

Cupcake Birthday Tracker

This layout features 12 different cupcakes with light pink detailing. Each cupcake represents a month. The title is done in a print font.

Movies to Watch

This layout features a bag of popcorn. At the bottom of the page, there is a light pink and white striped popcorn bag. Further, popcorn kernels fill the remainder of the page. Finally, the header is in black and pink print fonts.

Tv Shows to Watch

This layout features several old-school antennae TVs. The title states, “tv shows to watch.” For the header, “to watch” is in light pink print, and “tv shows” is in larger black print lettering.

Light Pink Books to Read Tracker

This page is a black and white bookshelf covering two pages. The Books-to-Read header is a bold light pink lettering. Additionally, the sub-header is vertical in a book.

Trips to Take

This tracker resembles several stacks of suitcases in which Danielle can write trip ideas. Further, the header is a bold light pink print font.

Places to Go

This spread is primarily blank, with just a bold header at the top of the page. Further, the header states, "places to go" in light pink.

Medicine & Period Trackers

My own 2020 trackers inspire these trackers! These trackers are minimal with 12 months across the top and dates down the sides. Then, at the bottom are keys specific to each tracker. Lastly, the headers are in a light pink print font.

Weight Loss & Measurement Tracker

This layout includes 2 sections. Further, these sections are weight loss on the left page and measurements on the right page. The weight loss tracker is like a board game which flows from the top toward the bottom. As weight is lost, Danielle can fill in the squares. Additionally, the right side is mostly a list with space left blank to write in details. Then, at the bottom, there is a chart for rewards. For the headers, lettering is in light pink print font.

Websites & Podcasts to Visit Tracker

The Websites & Podcasts spread is primarily blank to Danielle to fill in. The header involves a combination on basic print lettering and bold light pink lettering.

Motivations List

The Motivations spread is primarily blank to Danielle to fill in. The header involves a bold light pink lettering.

Curious List

The Curious spread is primarily blank to Danielle to fill in. The header involves a bold light pink lettering.

Savings Tracker

For this savings tracker, there is a jar on the left side. The mason jar has 12 sections. Further, each part of the jar is for one month of the year, and there are sections to write in an amount and date. The header is in a bold light pink print font.

Debt Tracker

The header of this debt tracker is in a light pink print font. On the page are six “thermometers” to color in. Each thermometer has color indicators but remains unlabeled.

Future Expenses

This expenses tracker features a bold light pink header and a table to log future expenses. There are four columns which include expense, budget, actual, and date.

Investment Ideas

This spread is almost entirely blank expect for the header. Further, the header is a bold light pink print lettering with overlapping black print lettering.

Donation & Tax Deductible Expenses Tracker

Similar to the future expenses tracker, this tracker contains a table for tracking donations and tax-deductible expenses. The columns included are date, expense, location, receipt, and amount.

Credit Tracker

This credit tracker tracks credit scores in two ways. The first is a line or bar graph, including twelve months and all possible credit scores. Then, below the chart is a table broken up by each month but also by quarter. This allows for both monthly and quarterly credit tracking.

Light Pink Monthly Log

For each month, I used a simple grid calendar. The lettering for this layout is a bold light pink print font. Additionally, there is a column to the right of the calendar. The column is labeled "notes."

Monthly Goals

This goals spread is almost entirely blank except a bold light pink header. This is exactly what Danielle requested for her monthly goal spread.

Monthly Fitness Tracker

Each month includes a fitness tracker. The header is a bold light pink print lettering with overlapping black print lettering. The page features a tracker of a calendar broken into grid squares and a key including 6 options.

Light Pink Weekly Log

The left page of this layout has seven rows, one for each day of the week. Then, the days of the week headers are in a light pink bold print letter with the date in a subscript. Next, the right page has three sections in two columns. The left column is “to-do,” and the right column includes sections “notes” and “next month.” Lastly, the header is on the right page in a print font.

Don't Quite

I sprinkled this little phrase or saying throughout the whole planner at random. They are all generally composed the same but appear in varied places. While in whole, the quote says "don't quite" the 'd' and 'o' in 'don't' and the 'i' and 't' in 'quit' are pink while the remainder of the letters are black and crossed out. This composition leaves the phrase "do it" in pink.

My Favorite Quotes

While this page is not photographed, it is mainly blank with a header that is made up of a combination of pink and black print fonts.

Tools Used For Danielle's Bujo

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