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15+ Soothing Light Green Bullet Journal Ideas

Green is one of my favorite colors as it represents nature and calmness. In celebration of spring coming soon and the soothing feeling you get from a soft green aesthetic, we have gathered together the perfect list of bujo inspiration. Keep scrolling to view some fantastic light green bullet journal ideas. If you love light shades of green, you will love our round-up! green-gratitude-notes-jessica

Sage Green Gratitude Log

This is one of my favorite simple gratitude log styles. Of course, it looks excellent in a soothing light green color! image credit: Jessica Custom Bullet Journal

Soft Green March Watercolor Cover Page

More often than not, we use color for the details of a layout. However, this March cover page uses color everywhere. The background is soft green, and the details a dark yet soft green. Also, it’s another plant-based spread! image credit: @suncerulean soft green and floral november cover bullet journal spread

Soft Green Floral November Cover Page

Green is one of my favorite colors, and it goes well with every month of the year. Soothing light green is the perfect shade to pair with whatever month you could use a destress for. This November cover is a beautiful example of a simple yet beautiful cover page. image credit: thebujophase green bullet journal spread

January Weekly Log

If you are looking for something that doesn't require drawing ability, this layout is a great option. This January weekly log goes back to the heart of bullet journaling plus multi-media. They chose to add soothing green shades for their headers and other media. image credit: @makemedostuff green mood cacti Shawna-Lisa

Cactus Mood Tracker & Habit Tracker

Naturally, a perfect pairing for green is literally any type of plant. This mood tracker just happens to feature cacti! image credit: ShawnaLisa Custom Bullet Journal february forest and mountain bullet journal cover page

Natural February Cover Page

Green is such a natural color. So, you can use some simple nature doodles like these forest trees and mountains to pair perfectly! image credit: Pinterest april-bujo-spring-1_bujotea

Soft Green April Cover Page

You are seeing a lot of different shades of green in the examples that we have collected here. However, I think this ultra calming light green April cover page uses my favorite shade! And, they paired the beautiful lettering with some very aesthetic leaf branches. image credit: @thejournaltea soft green-color-bujo-page_manon

Soft Green Habit Tracker

Everyone utilizes their favorite habit tracker style. However, you can use the overall style of this layout with any habit tracker. The watercolor strip in the background is my favorite part! image credit: @dutch_dots soft green-november-bujo-spread_lizzie

Watercolor November Cover Page

We all know I love a good watercolor bullet journal AND gold in my journal. So, of course, I will show you a layout that utilizes soothing light green in watercolor with gold! image credit: @bujobeautifully

2021 Cover Page

What I like most about this cover page is the subtle and muted tone to the green used. It is not overwhelming and is definitely giving me calm vibes. image credit: @thejournaltea pastel-green-bujo-spread_bujoandcookies

Daisy Things To Do

Daisy flowers are such a beautiful addition to this very minimal to-do list. This is a great time to mention that subtle green shades pair VERY well with florals, particularly more dainty florals. image credit: @bujoandcookies green march week Gi

Green Cloud March Weekly Log

Finally, in your weekly spread, here is a way to use green without nature or plants! But, of course, it used watercolor! Did you know you don't have to use paint to have watercolor in your bullet journal? You can get watercolor brush pens! image credit: Gi Custom Bullet Journal house-plant-vertical-weekly-log_miloejoanne

Modern Vertical Weekly Log

Does anyone else love this super modern spread? While light green isn't the main character here, this is an excellent example of how to pair other soothing shades and colors with it! image credit: @miloe.joanne

Herb Jar May Cover Page

These greens are far less light than others I have collected here. However, I am including it because they are more muted green shades and could easily be replaced with a lighter alternative! What do you think about this cover design? image credit: @miras.journal green succulent hexagon habit tracker

Succulent Hexagon Habit Tracker

Are you a houseplant fan or collector? Then this habit tracker would be perfect for you! Not only are there SO many succulents, but they are also in a lovely soothing light green. image credit: @thuys.bujo green and brown multimedia weekly log

Multimedia Weekly Log

Here is another excellent multimedia version of the soothing green bullet journal vibe! image credit: @cynthiabujo soft green swatch page

Soft Green Swatch Page

Here is just a sample of how you could use soothing light green to pair with a muted green and soothing shades of pink! I love the minimal pink plus the monster! image credit: @thejournaltea green weekly log

Greenery Weekly Log

Again, a way to use stickers and photos alongside your other layouts and your light green vibe. image credit: green tropical foliage february cover page

Tropical Foliage Cover Page

Tombow Dual Brush Pens have been featured in many of these layouts. That is probably because they come in SO many colors and are affordable. I definitely recommend this pack for a soothing light green bullet journal theme. image credit: @thejournaltea green weekly log

Soft Green Weekly Log

I love this style of layout which is super symmetrical while also asymmetrical. Plus, it features a variety of soothing greens! image credit: @isabella_amse green washi tape swatch page

Green Washi Tape Swatc Page

One fantastic way to utilize a soothing light green into your bullet journal is with washi tape! I love using washi tape to fill the empty space, but I also love showing off my washi collection in my journal with a swatch page! image credit: @blossom_bujo soft green hanging photo page

Soft Green Photo/Doodle Page

Do you have a blank page staring at you? Maybe fill it with some "photos" like this one here. I believe these are little doodles, but you could also use actual photos! I like to print off my photos with my Poooli Pocket Printer because I can immediately stick them right in! image credit: @jzchaa soft green multimedia weekly log

Soft Green Weekly Log

I tend to shy away from shades that are too light for my headers, but this layout may have changed my mind and inspired me! I love the way the headers are visible but also calming and gentle. image credit: @veronicajournals hanging terrarium december cover page

Hanging Terrarium December Cover Page

Here is yet another extraordinary blending of watercolor and gold. I love creative title pages! image credit: @dagmar_storm light green weekly log

Light Green Watercolor Weekly Log

Bamboo is a great way to utilize light green for sure! Check out how this layout shows it off in a super-easy way. image credit: @jukebox_journal soft december cover page

Green December Cover Page

Not only can you use stickers and washi tape, but as this layout shows, you can use plants! However, I do believe these are dried plants, not live ones. image credit: @kittycatbujo green weekly log

Green Multimedia Cover page

Again, this layout is a tad darker than the rest in this collection. However, it is all very muted greens that I still found very soothing. So, I kept them here! What do you think? image credit: @so.notitas october cover page

October Cover page

Maybe, while taking a wack at light green themes, you might think about adding other colors subtly as this October cover page does! image credit: @isabella_amse green august wave cover page

Soft Green Wave August Cover Page

Last but not least is this unique soothing green cover page. I love that this artist chose to create waves on a beach using green instead of traditional blue or teal. It feels very satisfying to me. image credit: @jzchaa signature-elizabeth
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