Live Your Best Life | A Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Tutorial

Live Your Best Life | A Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Tutorial

You use your bullet journaling for everything - tracking errands, monitoring your mood, budgeting, and even storing your washi collection. Why not use your bullet journal to upgrade your life the max? It can be difficult tracking so many areas of your life through multiple bullet journal spreads and lists, but there is one method that can get you to your best life now. The Level 10 Life is a popular bullet journal spread that can help you effortlessly maximize your life's goals.

What is a Level 10 Life?

The Level 10 Life is a concept developed by Hal Elrod in the book The Miracle Morning. He categorizes life's priorities into 10 sections and encourages people to maximize their efforts in all categories. To inspire living an extraordinary life, he wrote:

"There's nothing that says you have to settle for less than what you truly want, just because everybody else does."

The 10 Areas of Your Best Life

To begin living your best life, consider these categories and rate your current state on a scale of 1-10.

  1. Family & Friends
  2. Personal Development
  3. Spirituality
  4. Finance
  5. Career
  6. Giving/Contribution
  7. Romance
  8. Environment
  9. Recreation/Fun
  10. Health & Fitness

How To Use The Level 10 Life In Your Bullet Journal

1. Create a Tracker

After you have taken the time to explore all 10 categories, create a tracker to monitor these ten areas.

Live Your Best Life | A Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Tutorial

As you can see, I drew ten bars (to represent the ten 10 categories), and then I split the bars into ten sections. These sections within the bars will be how I track my progress. Feel free to use your creativity for this tracker. I've seen other bullet journalers create circular trackers, but I decided to create bar graphs.

2. Begin Goal Setting!

Develop ten actionable goals within each category. These will be the steps you take towards improving yourself and your life. I decided to make goals that I could foresee myself accomplishing within a year because that’s how long my bullet journal usually lasts. You can make these goals one-month goals, 12 month, or even life goals! Again, this is your life, so you are in full control of how you make this spread.

Live Your Best Life | A Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Tutorial

As an example, under Family & Friends, I created goals such as call my parents once a week, visit a friend, and go on a trip with my family.

3. Start Goal-Getting!

Once you are done creating a total of 100 goals, begin to accomplish them one by one. As you achieve a goal, fill in your tracker and watch your progress go! I like to check-in with this spread at least once a month. This way I can be mindful of progress and continuously work towards bettering my quality of life.

Now you can live your extraordinary life and track it in your wonderful bullet journal.

About the Author

Roselle Caballes is a planning guru & bullet journal addict writing to help people find peace of mind, productivity, and functionality through creative planning. For more advice about using your bullet journal to upgrade your life, visit

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