Here is a video of me creating this rainbow custom bullet journal for Katie as well as a breakdown of the tools used and each layout concept.

Katie's Rainbow Custom Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

Katie ordered a custom bullet journal from the shop. She requested the yellow Leuchtturm1917 and wanted a variety of colors within the planner. Additionally, she requested some creative freedom and for her layouts to be based upon her own creations but to be nicer visually. Further, she browsed concepts and asked for a few concepts for me to create something from. Here is a video of me creating this rainbow custom bullet journal for Katie as well as a breakdown of the tools used and each layout concept.

Tools Used For Katie's Bujo

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Katie's custom planner.

Rainbow Title Page

Katie's title page is very simple with a red, peach, and pink brush lettered heading. Then the subheading states "2020 planner" in a smaller black print font.

2020 At A Glance

This year at a glance, features 12 months, January 2020 through December 2020, in a calendar format. Further, the months are vertical and in altering rainbow-colored minimal script lettering. Then, "2020" is at the top of the page in a print font. Lastly, "at a glance" is in a minimal script font.

Books to Read

This page is a black and white bookshelf. The primary header is light peach brush lettering and bright blue print and brush lettering. Katie will fill in each book with a book she wants to read or has read.

Weightloss & Measurements

This layout includes two sections. Further, these sections are weight loss on the left page and measurements on the right page. The weight loss tracker is like a board game that flows by rainbow arrows from the top toward the bottom. As weight is lost, Katie can fill in the squares. Additionally, the right side is mostly a list with space left blank to write in detail. Then, at the bottom, there is a chart for rewards. For the headers, all lettering is brush lettering and in alternating colors.

Plant Care Charts

Katie's planner includes three different plant care charts. Each is meant to mirror the year in pixels concept with plant-care specific key items. The headers alternate colors and are in brush lettering. The three different care charts represent edible plants, outdoor plants, and indoor plants.

Following the plant care charts is a houseplant-themed quote page, which includes artwork of a hanging plant. The quote reads, "don't forget, drink water & get some sunlight. You're basically a houseplant with more complicated emotions."

Monthly Calendar

For each rainbow monthly log, I used a simple grid calendar placed in the center of the page. Then, the header is alternating colored brush lettering. The weekday headers are in the same color as the header in print lettering. Additionally, the header is located in the top left corner for most pages.

Running To-Do

This page is primarily black with a rainbow header. Each month has a different color and the header is in brush lettering.

Monthly Sleep Log

This spread is a square for a graph. The horizontal axis has time and the vertical axis has the day of the month. The main header is in rainbow brush lettering.

Monthly Habit Tracker

The habit tracker is a grid for each month with a square for each day of that month. The header is in alternating colors and brush lettering mixed with a black print font.

Rainbow Weekly Log

Similar to the previous pages, the headers for the weekly logs alternate in color. The center of the two pages includes weekly boxes with a highlighted print font. To the left, there are two "home school" columns with seven boxes each. Then, to the right is a "tasks" column with a highlighted print font header as well. Above the left side of the weekly boxes is a mini-calendar with that current week highlighted. Finally, the header is in black brush lettering with the number of the month behind it in the same color.

Daily Log

Finally, each daily log is a single page, and there are two per page. The header includes the weekday in colored brush lettering, then the month, and date in black print lettering. There are three rows per day. The top two are blank and titled "events" and "to-do." Then, the final row is a box with "H20" and fill-in cups on the outer side and "notes" for the rest of the box.

Tools Used

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