June Bullet Journal Feature | @istanbullet

June Bullet Journal Feature | @istanbullet

This month’s bullet journal feature is @istanbullet. @istanbullet does some really creative work and is fairly new to the Instagram community! The bullet journaling community is a great place, and I love being able to share other bullet journalers, their journey, and some tips they have for bullet journal beginners. So, without further ado, here is @istanbullet!


Meet @istanbullet

Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank my friend, Elizabeth, for hosting me this month!

I’m İpek from Turkey/İstanbul. I’m 30 years old, and yes, sometimes I wonder why I’m late for that. But anyway, it’s not too late for anything! Further, I chose my Instagram name from the city I was born in and currently live in - Istanbul - @istanbullet. I hope you enjoy my planner, trackers, and drawings.

@istanbullet's Bullet Journal Journey

Bullet journaling for me is a rehabilitation tool that takes me away from anxiety and negative thoughts. I don’t even know how many hours have passed while I was creating my pages. Of course, since I’m a night owl, it’s hard to go to work the next day. But the satisfaction of creating something gives me the power to spend my whole day.

Bullet journaling is not just a planner for me; it is an area where I can realize my art. When I finish the design of my pages, I love what I do at the end and like to share it with the people I’ve met in this community.

I’m a veterinarian, and I have been keeping agenda for six years as a part of my job. During these six years, maintaining agenda and writing something in my personal planner became one of the things I enjoyed the most. After a while, I wanted to add my drawings to my planner, and that’s how my bujo adventure started! So, I officially joined the bujo community in April 2019.

@istanbullet’s Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners:

1. Instagram page layout!

At least for me, the Instagram page layout is very important for the first time visitors to your account. Of course, your page layout doesn’t determine the quality of your works. But it will attract the attention of the visitors at first sight.

2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

I really was so nervous about drawing or painting wrongly. But then I realized that no one but just I noticed that mistake. Your planner is your free area, and you are free to make a mistake! And also you can use a white gel pen or correction fluid on your wrong line and get rid of your wrong. :)

3. You don’t have to have expensive and branded items!

I have hundreds of different quality pens. I have both high quality and non-branded pens. But according to me, no matter which quality pen I use. The most important thing is imagination and design. And I’m feeling free to use my pens according to my theme. If you create a unique design, believe me, you will stand out from many people.

4. Don’t compare yourself with the others!

Yes, just follow your own style. Don’t count the number of likes or followers. Build your own bujo community with the people who can improve you and inspire you.

5. Try something different!

You can have your own style for sure. But to be open to new ideas is also a good way to develop yourself! Get out of your personal style, at least for once.

Thank you so much for sharing, @istanbullet! If you like @istanbullet’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Instagram Here! Thanks so much,@istanbullet for taking part in my bullet journal features and sharing your journey and tips with us!

If you are interested in becoming a featured bullet journaler, check out the details and apply here!

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