Calming Mosaic Tile Themed January Bullet Journal

Calming Mosaic Tile Themed January Bullet Journal

Goodbye 2018, hello 2019! It is January 2019, and I am in a fresh new notebook! Check out my 2019 bullet journal spread HERE. Now that its January, per usual, I have a brand new layout set up! This time I am in a different notebook and a different year, but I bring back some aspects of my 2018 spread. Check out my Mosaic Tile January 2019 bullet journal spread!


This month’s theme is blue mosaic tiles! I knew I wanted this to be my theme back in early December, but I did not have any tile stamps and did not want to draw it all by hand with how busy everything is this time of year. So, I found a cute shop on Etsy and ordered some mosaic tile stamps! To continue my minimal gold theme for 2019, I did all headers in gold ink using a minimal cursive font which can be found throughout the whole notebook.


The hello January page is almost entirely covered in blue tile stamping. The only place where stamps aren’t is the left middle section where I have written “January.”

The weekly pages are all similar. I kept the weekly column layout which I used in later 2018 using black ink to separate the columns. Instead of bold letters to indicate the day of the week, I used black ink to do a minimal cursive font letter and number. The main header is gold ink in a minimal cursive font. And the remainder of the pages is covered in blue mosaic tile stamps. Each layout for the month of January is a different tile pattern

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