Mary ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planner with different themes for each month. The themes Mary chose include daisies, autumn ...

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Mary ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planner. The primary themes she chose for her planner are different each month. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance, monthly cover page, monthly log, monthly mood tracker, weekly log, and monthly quote page. Here you can read more about Mary's planner.

Tools Used For Mary's Bujo

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Mary’s custom planner.

Watercolor Title Page

Mary's title layout is a blue, purple, and pink watercolor title page. For the header, "Mary" is in a brush lettered font.

2020 - 2021 At A Glance

This year at a glance, features nine months, September 2020 through May 2021, in a calendar format. Further, the months are horizontal in black script lettering over tall bold print lettering. The color of the print lettering was chosen based on the selected theme for that month. Then, "2020 - 2021" is at the top of the page in a print font. Lastly, "at a glance" is in a minimal script font to the write of the years.

September Daisy Theme

For September, Mary chose a daisy theme. Just like all the following months, September includes a cover page, monthly log, mood tracker, weekly log, and quote page. All of these layouts, sometimes with the exception of the quote, are decorated according to the chosen theme.

For the cover page, "September" is over top of many different sized daisies. This is the same for the remainder of the monthly and weekly spreads. Additionally, The mood tracker features both daisy petals for the days and full small daisies.

October Autumn Theme

Again, just like September, October features a theme as well as various monthly and weekly spreads. For October, the theme is autumn leaves. I chose to utilize watercolor for this month to create orange-red-yellow colored leaves. Some of the leaves have detail, and others are less detailed.

The only spread for October that does not feature watercolor is the mood tracker. This is because the color is for Mary to fill in. Additionally, while most of the weekly logs feature two autumn leaves in watercolor, I decided to switch things up in the third week. So, the third week features several un-detailed autumn leaves, again, in red, orange, and yellow.

November Cloud Theme

This next theme is clouds, occasionally rain clouds. The cover, monthly, and weekly spreads feature outlined clouds. Then, the mood tracker features a rain cloud. Each day of November is featured by a rain drop coming from the cloud and header. Finally, the quote is not cloud themed however, it references stars which are also in the sky.

November's quote states, "but without the dark we'd never see the stars." The quote was created in varied fonts.

December Snowflake Theme

Next is December's theme. The cover page features the most detailed snowflake done in black ink. Then, I highlighted the main details in a very light blue color.

Except for the mood tracker and quote, the remainder of the spreads features very simple, light blue snowflakes.

Lastly, the mood tracker features an outlined snowflake with no color. Then, the quote is simplistic, with a brief light blue highlight.

January Lightbulb Theme

One of my favorite themes in this notebook is the lightbulb theme. This theme can vary by a lot and does throughout January. The cover page features both hanging lightbulbs of different types and strings of lights.

Further, the monthly log, mood tracker, and some of the weekly logs feature hanging lightbulbs. The remainder of the weekly spreads features miscellaneous light bulbs.

Lastly, the quote for January does not match the light bulb theme. The quote features foliage and hearts, though it does follow the color of the rest of the spreads.

February Heart Theme

Next, Mary wanted a heart theme for February to pair with Valentine's Day. I added various sized hearts, uncolored hearts, dark pink and light pink hearts.

So, the cover page features a heart "wreath" and simple lettering. Then, the monthly, mood tracker and some of the weekly page feature a similar pattern of hearts

Finally, the remainder of the weekly logs and quote page feature only a few hearts throughout the spread. I included the difference is amounts of hearts included to change up the pace.

March Lavender Theme

A trendy theme is lavender; the color and the plant. Mary chose this theme for March. Each of these spreads, except the mood tracker and quote page, feature lavender in the same style. I created the lavender with two different dual brush Tombow pens with a simple technique.

Then, the mood tracker is a very detailed lavender plant. Each flower on this plant represents a day of the month. And finally, the quote features foliage branches in a wreathe shape. There are flowers on the weather, but they are not lavender.

April Butterfly Theme

One of the most complex themes in Mary's custom planner is the April butterfly theme. Butterfly wings are very detailed and take more itme to create than many of theses other themes did.

Further, each page in this month features at least two butterflies. While the wing patterns are very similar on each butterfly, I utilized various color patterns. Color patterns include two shades of orange, pink, purple, and a combination of pink and purple.

Finally, the quote also features butterflies in each color.

May Honeycomb Theme

Similar to January's spread, each layout follows the honeycomb theme except the quote. however, the quote does feature the same colors.

Further, each layout includes almost randomly placed honeycombs in a different configuration for each page. Also, the honeycombs sit behind the header.

This theme is a beautiful yet simplistic concept utilizing a lighter yellow versus a bright yellow.

Tools Used

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