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4 Tricks To Create A Productive Living Room Office

Working from home looks different for everyone, and creating a workspace that encompasses everything you need to be productive might be more of a challenge than you think. While there may be more space for your desk and ergonomic office chair in your spare room, your living room probably offers more natural light and warmth. Know how to turn your living room into an office space that will maximize your production.

Place Your Desk Behind the Sofa

If your living room is open, and you’ve placed your sofa in a strategic spot to separate the room, you can put a desk behind it. Many spaces that use this design concept place a dining table or accent table behind the sofa. Your desk is another multi-purpose piece of furniture that will make your living room a productive space.
Pro Tip: By placing your desk behind the sofa, you’ll be motivated to sit at your desk and work rather than watch TV.

Make Use Of Unused Space

Look around your living room and notice the spaces that you aren’t using. Often, you’ll have space for a desk by a window, next to a fireplace, or in passageways. You can also create mini workstations around your living room when you are bored of the office you do keep in your spare room. Further, your living room workspace should work with your layout. You can place your desk next to your sofa and use it as an accent chair.
Pro Tip: Keep desks that you place in small spaces tidy. You’ll want to tuck the chair in when it is not in use and secure cords underneath so that no one trips on them.

Carve Out Space

You can create an open office space if you have a large living room. Carve out space in your living room that will become your office. You may want to place your desk in a spot clear of distractions but make sure it also gets good natural light. Consider the aesthetic of your living room and how it will affect your productivity. Choosing the right furniture makes all the difference, and it’s important to know how to choose the right fabric for your lifestyle. A close up of a decorated desk with stationery, books, and laptop

Optimize Shelving

When you’re low on extra space and need a living room workstation, try clearing a shelf on a bookcase and pulling up a chair. You can set up your laptop at eye level and use other shelf levels for various items you’ll need throughout the day, such as notebooks, your phone, and coffee. This compact workspace solution will ensure you stay organized and productive. Once you get an eye for it, you’ll figure out how to turn your living room into an office in all sorts of creative ways. The most challenging part will be deciding which style is best for you. Choose what will help you stay most productive, and create multiple workspaces if that’s what it takes.

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