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How To Make the Most of Journaling During Pregnancy

Whether you’ve kept a journal for years or are just starting now, keeping your thoughts organized in the next few months is incredibly beneficial. Here are some tips on making the most of journaling during pregnancy and turning a few minutes of writing each day into a powerful tool for the future.

Use Journaling To Create Structure

Pregnancy gets hectic. The medical visits, shopping trips, expenses, and everything else on top of your normal day-to-day quickly create chaos and unbalance in your life in a way that can be paralyzing. Making a habit of journaling each day gives the chaos some structure as you plan your days in the coming months and visualize the tasks ahead. Your journal is also a great tool for beginning to make decisions about birth plans. Priorities change over the course of a pregnancy, so noting your goals and requests each month helps you formulate a final plan that’s true to who you are and what you need. Sign-up Image_daily emotion journal preview

Express Yourself Freely and Track Your Mood

Some people try to write off how pregnant people feel due to hormonal changes, but that isn’t fair to your experience. While there is value in acknowledging the changes to your body that affect your mood, being honest about your thoughts and feelings is also important. A journal is a safe place to note celebrations and worries alike. Printable templates for mood trackers are perfect if you aren’t inclined to write down your feelings as they come. Coloring in a piece of a picture each day to match your mood helps you gain more perspective on the past week’s emotions and adjust your life to feel safer, more confident, and happier in the coming days.

Note Changes for Your Next Prenatal Checkup

Sometimes, the things that worry us, especially during pregnancy, are too numerous to remember and repeat in a 15-minute prenatal checkup. It’s normal to have questions and notice changes. Journaling these questions and concerns every day allows you to prepare for your next physician visit and show them any worrying patterns you’ve documented. image of person writing in open journal with colorful stickers and prompt saying_a place for my dreams copy

Create a Future To-Do List for Your Family

If you find yourself thinking, “I can’t wait to do this with my child,” while you’re practicing your hobbies or finding inspiration online, write it down! Creating a future to-do list for you and your family after your baby is born lets you look forward to those shared moments, even on the hard days. To make the most of journaling during pregnancy, you should try to stick to a schedule. While it’s entirely fair to skip some days, each time you choose to add to the journal, you add to a memento for you to reminisce over in the years to come. "kayla" signature

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