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How To Use Your Bullet Journal For Your Business

In years past, I have used various layouts in my bullet journal for ElizabethJournals and business planning. However, it has been a long time since I have focused on these layouts separate from my normal layouts.

So, here is an overview of my 2021 business planning layouts for ElizabethJournals as well as layouts I have used in the past and a few other great ideas to bullet journal for your business.

2021 ElizabethJournals Bullet Journal Set-up

First, let's talk about what ElizabethJournals is using to stay on track in 2021. Below are all of the layouts I created or adapted, a plan-with-me, and the tools I used.


Products I Used

ElizabethJournals Title Page


This is the first layout for this section of my bullet journal. It includes the header "-ElizabethJournals-" vertically on the left side of the page. The rest of the page is blank.

This page was created to make it easier to find this section while flipping through my planner each day.

Future Blog Future Log


This future log is nearly identical to the one I used in 2020. Despite not having used this layout very much in 2020, I have decided to bring it back for 2021.

I decided to bring it back because it is meant to plan out large events and "drops." However, due to the pandemic, I could not release very many larger events or products.

I am hoping large drops will be more realistic in 2021.

Schedule Calendar


This third layout is a content calendar key or schedule. While this is not a specific content calendar, it is an overview of my general schedule each month.

I created it to mimick a five-week month with eight items on the key. Six colors represent the types of content ElizabethJouranls schedules, then two more items to distinguish between events that always occur and events that sometimes occur.

Topic Schedule & Plan


This is another content planning spread. This one is meant to mirror a calendex future log.

In this calendar, I detail holidays, events, seasons, and other items that might influence the type of content promoted on ElizabethJournals.

I used colors in this one, which I like; however, I may seek a more minimal look next year.

Product Ideas & To-Do Lists


This is a very minimal spread; however, I expect it to fill quickly.

The header of this page indicates it is for product ideas and anything else relating to ElizabethJournals products.

Video Ideas List

These next two layouts are similar to the product idea lists, except for youtube video ideas.

There are two pages here because I run two youtube channels: ElizabethJournals and ElizabethPlants. These two channels require very separate planning and idea pages.

Running To-Do List


The final layout for this section of my 2021 bullet journal is a simple running to-do list.

This is a general list of tasks that must be done but do not have a due date or do not fit in other to-do or idea lists. I have already begun penciling items on this list, which will be added in ink eventually.

Products I Used

Previous ElizabethJournals Layouts That Worked

We have discussed the layouts ElizabethJournals is currently using; however, that should not discount layouts that ElizabethJournals has used successfully in the past. So, let's talk about the history of bullet journaling for ElizabethJournals as a business.

Content Calendar & Email Topic Calendar


Of my previous journals, this content calendar spread has been the most useful to me.

While I did not adopt it exactly for 2021, I did modify it to fit my current needs. The adoption of this spread is seen above as the "Schedule."

Further, this layout is a great concept for planning out content in a more general way. For example, the days in which your business posts certain types of content or topics of content.

Content Calendar & Idea List


If you are looking for a more specific content calendar than the one I am using in my 2021 bullet journal, look no further. I have used this calendar in the past and have loved it.

This specific one is for YouTube; however,r you can choose any topic or category you would like.

I like this content calendar because there is not only the calendar on the left, but there is also a symbol key and a section for content ideas.

I chose to include a calendar for more than a traditional calendar, but you could easily make it fit only one month.

Fixed Finances & Subscriptions

gold subscription finances track Elizabeth (2)

Every business has to keep track of finances. Financial tracking and planning are very useful layout types for your bullet journal. This is just one example of how you might track your business finances

Other Amazing Business Bullet Journaling Layouts

What works for ElizabethJournals, may not work for your business. So, of course, I've gathered some layouts that work for other businesses for you to be inspired by!

Projects & Time Tracking

These two professional layouts made by Kalyn Brooke are great examples of how you can utilize your bullet journal for your business.

The left layout is a simple table laying out projects and due dates. There are dozens of ways this spread can be utilized!

Then, the right layout details time tracking for weekdays. This is a great way to keep yourself on track or to take an audit of how you are using your time.

Social Media Tracker

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These next two layouts are great for every small business owner.

First this layout is a social media tracker . This type of layout is a great way to keep score of your social media following and interaction.

This information is good to take note of because you can use it to create goals, celebrate, and plan your future content.

Social Media Overview & Planner

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This final layout is a wonderful social media tracker and planner. So, not only is it great to keep track of trends, it is also useful to plan your social media content.

This example is only one great example of how you can plan out your social media.

Real Estate Planning

Lastly, here is a gallery of some particular business layouts. These particular layouts were created for real estate; however, many can be adopted by any professional. Check out each of these to see if they might be useful for you!

Love these my layouts? Check out the rest of my planner! Looking for something different? Then check out some of our other amazing bullet journal round-ups!


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