Houseplant Themed October 2017 Bullet Journal

Houseplant Themed October 2017 Bullet Journal

For October' bullet journal, I chose to take a completely new approach. Until recently I haven’t really used tools like stickers or washi tape, I also haven’t utilized welcome or title pages. However, for October I created a title page that I absolutely love. I also decided to use houseplant stickers, cactus washi tape, and succulent washi tape, and houseplant illustrations to add personality and color to my weekly layouts. I also decided to add a ton of list pages, check it out!

Title Page

This page was inspired by some art I saw on Pinterest, my Instagram feed, my new houseplants, and Halloween. I wanted it to stay simple and keep a lot of negative space.

Monthly Spread

I created the monthly spread before I created any other pages for October. Between creating this page and all the other pages I switched pens which left me with a change in colors and thickness of lines. This is why the monthly spread does not match the rest of the pages. For the title, I chose a chunky cursive, which I love. I also decided to add goals and a quote instead of a color key.

Houseplants & Weekly Spreads

October’s theme is houseplants and clean lines. I kept this theme by using illustrations of houseplants which are inspired by my own plants, cactus and succulent washi tape, and houseplant stickers. I also wanted each week to be different.

For the first week of October, I wanted a clean spread with clean and easy to read fonts. After drawing it out in pencil I decided that it would need a pop of color and then drew in some house plants. I am OBSESSED. So excited about this week’s layout!

For the second week of October, I wanted to play with a different layout but still keep the clean look. In order to add color I used a cactus washi tape as a border between sections and added a cactus sticker in between the Saturday and Sunday sections. I like this spread, but not as much as the first week.

For the third week I chose to return to the layout of week one; however, I switched up the titling and illustrations. Instead of 4 smaller plants, I drew a tropical tree up the binding and added a red pot with geometric designs. This illustration was inspired by a plant I have in my living room.

The fourth and final full week reverted back to the layout of week two. Instead this time I chose to use my succulent washi tape and did not add any stickers. Again, I wanted to keep clean black lines.

The final weekly spread of October only includes the final two days of October, Mondy the 30th and Tuesday the 31st. I chose to do this as an experiment. Usually, I draw up a complete week that might include days from the previous or upcoming month. This often results in having two sets of the same week and wastes ink and pages. Because this week only includes two days I added a border made of plant stickers, a positive quote, and cactus washi tape.

Financial Audit & Goals

This next page is drawn up in pencil since I have not had a chance to finalize its design. Essentially, this page draws out the rules I have established for my bank accounts and my goals for each account. I am not including a visual of this page because I would have to blur out the entire thing.

Mind Dump

While cleaning out my office I found a pile of old sticky notes from before my move. Instead of the clutter of these sticky notes, I decided to create a mind dump page to put all the information on.

Quotes Page

I also added a quote page because one of those sticky notes was a quote. This is a page I will continue to add to.

Words of Kindness

Next, I create a page that I wish to fill up with positive descriptors and words of kindness. Again, this page will be added to continually.

Films-to-Watch Page

Last, but not least, I have added a films-to-watch page as a result of a sticky note I found in my school notes. This page is inspired by the old-school film style.

This month was jam-packed with great new page styles and lists! Do you have any suggestions for pages to add to my spreads in the future?

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Houseplant Themed October Bullet Journal
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