25+ Houseplant Layouts You Need In Your Bullet Journal

25+ Houseplant Layouts You Need In Your Bullet Journal

If you are anything like me you are obsessed with house plants and you have way too many—yet not enough… Back in October, I had a houseplant themed bullet journal, and to this day it is still my favorite. Because of this, I wanted to share my houseplant layouts and other incredibly inspiring house plant themed bullet journal layouts with you to inspire your bullet journaling! Check out the layouts below!

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Houseplant Stickers & Washi Tape

If you love house plants and you love bullet journaling, but aren’t very artistic, or don’t have the time to be artistic, these layouts are for you! These layouts feature stickers or washi tape with a houseplant theme. Interested in houseplant stickers or washi tape? Check out some of my favorites below!

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

October Cacti Washi Tape Weekly

This layout features a beautiful cacti washi tape and a cacti sticker that I love. Using the tape this way is a really simple way to incorporate houseplants! Image credit: ElizabethPlants

Cacti & Succulent Washi Tape October Weekly

This layout is similar to the last because it uses a succulent washi tape to break up sections. Image credit: ElizabethPlants

Cacti & Succulent Stickers October Weekly

This layout features cacti washi tape separating two sections as well as a neat line up of houseplant stickers! This one goes to show you can use washi tape AND stickers to vamp up a layout with minimal time used! Image Credit: ElizabethPlants

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

2017 Year At A Glance by @purplanning_bymj

I love this very minimal year at a glance layout by pureplanning_bymj! She utilizes a really beautiful plant-inspired washi tape to add a border to the top and bottom of her layout!

My Picks: Houseplant Washi Tape & Stickers

Houseplant Doodles

Plants are my favorite thing to doodle in my bullet journal because plants aren’t perfect, so the doodle doesn’t have to be either! A lot of my doodles are inspired by my actual houseplants as well as by the plants in others’ bullet journals. Want to be inspired by some amazing houseplant doodles? Keep reading!

house plant title page bullet journal

Elizabeth's Bullet Journal 2017 Title Page

I am absolutely in love with this layout! It took me about half of 2017 to finally figure it out, but once I did, I died. This is my 2017 house-plant inspired title page. These plants were created using Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Photo credit: ElizabethPlants

Houseplant Doodles Weekly Layout

To this day, this is my absolute favorite layout I have ever created. It features 4 houseplants scattered throughout the layout. These plants are in orange terracotta pots and were inspired by my actual houseplants! For this layout, I used two Tombow Dual Brush Pens and blended to get the lighter colors! Photo credit: Jihi Elephant

October Weekly Spread Potted Plant

I created this layout similar to the last, I drew a plant inspired by my newest houseplant suing Tombow Dual Brush Pens and blended! This one is placed smack centered in my layout. Photo credit: Jihi Elephant

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Houseplant Doodles

Photo credit: Jihi Elephant Photo Credit: Jihi Elephant. For the doodle challenge I created over at Page Flutter, two of my doodles were houseplants. These are incorporated into any layouts, but I wanted to share them to show you that you can doodle without an actual layout! You can even fill an entire page with houseplant doodles! Check out the next layout done by erdene.ce. She filled her page with doodles, and I love it!

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

Photo credit: erdene.ce

Books to Read Hanging Plant

This is the last layout of my own to be mentioned in this post, but it is one I am very proud of!. This is my current books-to-read layout which features a few little plants amongst the books. A Bookshelf layout is one way to incorporate houseplants! Photo credit: Jihi Elephant

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

Houseplant Habit Tracker

I love the leaves in the background of this habit tracker. It exemplifies that you don’t need your plants to be potted to make them beautiful! Photo credit: Pinterest

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

March Weekly Hanging Plants

I love the deep greens and hanging plants that @amandarachdoodles used in this weekly bullet journal layout! It’s beautiful yet simple!

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

Houseplant Sketch Bullet Journal Key Spread

This one by How I Study used plants in her key! How creative, I never thought of this!

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

Plant Care Collection

I love this collection bullet journal layout. Unfortunately, I found this one on Pinterest, and no one had claimed it! I’d love to give credit to its owner. I love this layout because it is a collection layout detailing how to take care of your plants. This is definitely something I need to adopt! Photo credit: Pinterest

February Finances & Mood Cacti

Photo 1 credit: bizzyb10_doodles Photo 2 credit: bizzyb10_doodles. These two awesome houseplant inspired bullet journal layouts were created by bizzyb10_doodles, and I love them! These layouts just exemplify the variety of ways houseplants can be incorporated into your bullet journal!

Gorgeous Houseplant Bullet Journal Layouts by @bujo_maripol

These Layouts by bujo_maripol are amazing! These feature these really cool succulent plants in glass hanging planters. I love house she kept this theme for her whole month of layouts and keeps similar plants throughout. I highly recommend checking out the rest of her layouts, they are beautiful!

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

March Weekly Spread

What is there not to like about this layout? The leaf doodles behind the dates is an amazing touch! Photo credit: Pinterest

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

Potted Cacti April Weekly

A houseplant a day keeps the doctor away! That’s the saying, right? I love these little cacti dodoles! Photo credit: Christina77star.net


Plant Shelf 2018 Goals

This layout is another whose owner I cannot find! I love this use of this layout to fill a page that might otherwise have a lot of white space. The plants are incorporated via vine, wall image, AND potted on the floor. I love it! Photo credit: Pinterest

houseplant bullet journal

Hanging Houseplants and Plant Shelf January Spread

This layout is similar to the last. It incorporates vines, hanging plants and potted plants! The similarity suggests they were created by the same people! Photo credit: Pinterest

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

March Floral Houseplants

I don’t see floral houseplants very often, but @fridastudies nailed it!

25+ Houseplant Inspired Bullet Journal Layouts

Pink Hanging Plants

This layout by @mygianthandwriting is a beautiful twist of the general houseplant. She has chosen to doodle pink plants instead of green plants! I love this creative switch up to successfully keep a theme up! Massive props.

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If you love these layouts and want more bullet journaling ideas to check out my plan-with-me posts and my Instagram where I post all my layouts!

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