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25+ Gorgeous June Cover Pages Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

We are nearly halfway through the year, and it’s time to show off some hello June bullet journal layouts. For me, June is a transitional month. It is not quite spring and not quite summer; it’s a beautiful month with endless possibilities. Let’s check out these gorgeous hello June bullet journal layout ideas.

Black and White June

june cover page black_lorasnotes
image source: @lorasnotes

I love the simplicity and use of black and white in this layout. Additionally, if you look close enough, you can see some detailing that I am impressed with.

Swingset in June Cover Page

swingset hello june cover page
source: @creative_organizedmomm

How can you not enjoy a fun and creative layout like this one!? Not only is there a fun swing set and amazing lettering, but the dot work is impressive. Further, I appreciate that the circle is not complete; however, the dots give the appearance of completion.

Minimal Photography Cover

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Hello June Waves Cover Page

blue june cover page with wave art around header
image source: @bujobymar

Waves are such a fun theme for a June layout. Further, I greatly appreciate the detailing and color differences in the waves.

Minimal June Layout

minimal june cover page with line above and below script lettering

This layout is one that I created for June 2018. I wanted to stay ultra-minimal, and I love the turnout. I used one pen and drew very few lines. If you’re going to go minimal, this is perfect for you. Check out some more minimal bullet journal inspiration!

Mini Rainbow June Cover Page

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Paper Airplanes June Cover Page

june cover page header june 2019 with clouds, paper airplanes and mini calendar
source: @bulletjournal.for.her

Paper airplanes are not as easy to draw as they look. You must get the lines perfect so that it looks like folded paper. @bulletjournal.for.her did a phenomenal job with these paper airplanes. Additionally, I love the vertical heading!

Rainbow Pride June Cover

rainbow-june cover-poooli printer

This layout is my most recent June cover page. I created a rainbow vibe using colorful washi tapes and my Poooli Printer! Read my article to learn more about how I created this one!

Flamingo Cover Page

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Paper Boats Cover Page

black and white hello june cover page featuring line waves art with paper boats in the waves
source: @bujobydaisy

Just like paper airplanes, these paper sailboats are not easy to draw! I love the idea of using paper sailboats in some waves for a theme. What a gorgeous minimal layout!

Have A Picnic

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Window Into The Park Cover Page


This cover page is a great example of how shapes can create windows into another world. This particular layout features a circular window into a park.

Sunrise Window Cover

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Geometric June Cover Page

hourglass geometric line art june cover page
source: @bizzo_bujo

How cool is this super geometric yet mystical layout? I love every aspect of this layout, including the dots, lines, moon, stars, circles, and the sand timer.

sunflower Circle Cover Page


Do you love a good minimal or floral vibe for a cover page? Check out this sunflower circle June cover page.

Rainbow Pride Cover Page

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Hello Pineapple Cover Page

pineapples on june cover page with mini calendar
source: @hulloalice

Pineapple is a super fun and summery theme for June. Additionally, I love the curly lettering and the use of watercolor in this layout. It is a unique idea to use watercolor for the pineapple.

Potted Planer June Cover Page

green header over black and white lined potted plants june cover page
source: @julia.pezowicz

The detail that goes into layouts like this one blows me away. While the lettering is phenomenal, the detail in the drawing is equally as great. You can see all the leaves and the petals of the flowers just bursting out of the pot.

Feminine Abstract June Cover

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Crystals June Cover Page

purple june crystal title Sam

I created this layout for a client who ordered a custom bullet journal. I used watercolor to create the shape of the crystals then drew over with lines to finish the gems. The lettering is all done minimally in a Faber Castell.

Watercolor Flower June Cover


Do you love watercolor? This cover page is a great example of using your watercolor paints to create something super simple!

Strawberries Cover Page

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Ice Cream & Popsicles in June

ice cream and popsicle junio cover page
source: @astudentsjournal

How cute are these little popsicles and ice creams! Not only are they adorable, but they are in some enjoyable colors. I cannot help but get excited for summer with this layout!

June Flowers Cover Page

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Lemons in June

yellow and green lemons cover page. hello june
source: @bujo.becca

This hello layout is so bright and happy. The use of bright yellow lemons with bright green leaves is quite the perfect combination. Additionally, the minimal lettering is bouncy and fun!

Tropical Fish Cover Page

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Geometric Vibes in June

yellow pink and teal june cover with geometric designs in the background
source: Sarah of Stationery Magpie

Sarah of Stationery Magpie created some wonderful work to help teach you guys how to create a color pallet. This amazing June cover page features some fun abstract and geometric vibes. What a great idea!

Summer in June Cover Page

june cover page with nautical doodles
source: @b.bulletjournal

Nautical themes are delightful as they remind us of vacation and relaxation, and warmth. I recently did a round-up of under-the-sea bullet journal layouts, but nothing I showed was quite like this one. This layout features a rope circle with a little turtle, shells of all shapes and sizes, a crab, some fish, and an anchor. And, to top it all off, the rope has a little heart in it. This hello June is a perfect nautical layout.

Tea Journal Cover

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June Dessert Cover Page

brown paper, june, cacti, mini calendar
source: @alexado.odles

We all know that I am a huge houseplant fan, so I love this desert-themed layout. In addition to the cacti and sun, there is a mini-calendar. Also, @alexado.odles used brown paper, white paper, and blue washi tape to add some texture to the header.

Space Mobile Cover Page

june cover page with hello june with cloud behind and space doodles hanging from
source: @jade_journals

Galaxy and space layouts are incredibly popular. However, these layouts generally involve a substantial amount of artwork. Jade Journals found a beautiful way to combine galaxy or space with a minimalistic feel. Additionally, she gave it the feeling of mobile, and I love it!

Hanging Planters June Cover

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Hello Fox June Cover Page

green watercolor with orange painted fox
source: @witchi_art_bullet_journals

The artwork in this bullet journal layout is phenomenal. This cute little fox is the best part. However, do not forget the rest of the layout. Not only is the fox beautiful, but the background, ground, and lettering are also just as lovely.

Hello Florals June Cover Page

purple green june Alana

This final layout is one that I created for another client. The client requested this beautiful watercolor floral theme, and I LOVE how it turned out. Additionally, there is a little mini calendar. It is a nice touch!

Did you love this collection of June cover pages? Then, check out some of our other June bullet journal inspiration!

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