22 Hello August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

22 Hello August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

I am fairly late to the August party with my re-brand and summer semester grabbing so much of my time. However, I hate to leave you hanging without a hello monthly roundup. So, here are 22 hello August bullet journal layouts ideas!

1. Underwater by @julia.pezowicz

I love the dimension of this two-page layout. If you can't tell. the first page has a hole cut through it revealing a beautiful underwater scene! If you love this type of nautical under-water theme, check out more just like it HERE.

2. August Mountains by @fenkesjournal

I love the bold lines yet simplistic feel of this nature and mountainous themed hello august page. This one reminds me of my tattoo!

3. Avocado by @positive.journaling

Do you love avocados? This is such a cute title page in celebration of the avocado! Additionally, it's such a fun green color.

4. Feathers and Branches by @bujotrulla

The artwork in this layout is stunning! I love the gentle watercolor feel of it. Also, I love the combination of feathers and branches together.

August Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me | Happy Sunshine Yellow

5. Sunshine Yellow Hello August

This is a hello august page from my 2018 bullet journal. I love the use of yellow and sunshine so, naturally, I created this bright yellow sun page for august! Such a great summer aesthetic.

6. Lights & Crystals by @joanne_plans

I love this combination of styles. Not only are there lightbulbs but there are crystals and a geometric pattern in the header. This layout is gorgeous, yet minimal!

7. Hello August by @_coffeeandsarcasm_

What makes this layout stand out to me is the accident vibe of it. The different aspects seem almost accidental with the paint smudge and imperfect circles. It's a phenomenal hello layout.

8. Hello August Lemonade by @marta_noli

Lemonade is a classic summer drink. The way @marta_noli depicts this drink in her hello August layout is super creative. I love the more cute and animated look on the left, then the more black and white photo-realistic version on the right.

MariaVictoria's Themed Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

9. Back to School Stationery

Here is another spread I created; however, I created this one for a client instead of my own plan-with-me. For many people, they are going back to school or getting ready to go back to school in August. So, it makes sense that school supplies are a viable theme for August!

10. Alien Invasion by @bujoforstars

You do not see themes like this one very often, so, you have to appreciate a good August alien invasion!

11. August Crystals by @tinysilverlinings

Here is another classic layout idea. The geometric, floral, and crystal mix and beautiful yet delicate. I love this combo of styles and themes.

12. Floating Islands by @nu.jour

How crazy cool is these floating islands!? The detail in the artwork is phenomenal and the feel the environment creates is amazing.

13. August Cupcake by @serendipity.bujo

What a cute little cupcake to welcome the new month! Additionally, this super minimal script lettering is gorgeous! I love a good minimalistic script font.

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

14. Watercolor Roses

You may have seen this watercolor floral theme or spread on my site before. Floral themes are very common and work with every month. Additionally, watercolor is very common and versatile. So, you can't go wrong with a watercolor and/or floral hello August bullet journal spread.

15. Minimal Hello August by @kareninks

While the more artistic spreads are fun to look at, they aren't for everyone. Here is a great example of a super minimal hello August bullet journal spread.

16. Hello August Lighthouse by @rox.the.planoholic

Here is a very summery spread! I love this nautical and lighthouse hello page. Additionally, I love the style that the waves are made of; it is very geometric!

17. Green Tree by @plansbythildra

How cute are these little patterned trees? I love the fun font and patterns used.

18. Hello August Watercolor Crystals & Gems

The crystal hello layouts I created for Sam's custom notebook are some of my favorite layouts I've created. So, of course, I am going to include the August one here!

19. Hello August Koala by @vk_bulletjournal

I cannot get over how cute this little koala is next to this eucalyptus branch! Such a gentle, calm, and cute hell August layout!

20. 90's August Vibes by @bujo.becca

90's style is coming back into style and I couldn't be more excited! I love these bright pastel shades mixed with geometric shapes. This layout is perfect.

21. Starry Night by @ginger.bullet.journal

I tend to stay away from darker layouts light this one myself; however, I absolutely love them! White on black can be done so beautifully and this layout is a perfect example. Also, you cannot go wrong with a nighttime sky theme any month of the year!

22. August Sunflowers by @bujoandcookies

You can't go wrong with a bright and happy sunflower layout any summer month and August is no exception!

I hope that you've enjoyed this round-up. What is your favorite August bullet journal theme?

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