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Top 3 DIY Remedies for Dry Skin that you NEED

Taking care of your skin is an important part of caring for yourself. A few minutes of DIY remedies for dry skin can make a huge difference.

When we put the needs of everyone else first, it leaves no time for self-care. The demands of school, work, and family can absorb all our attention if we let them. Sometimes, we forget to treat ourselves with even the most basic kindnesses. Have you ever been so busy during the holidays that your dry hands crack and bleed? It means you didn’t stop for even a minute to apply some lotion. This one’s for you.

Learning to nourish your skin is an important part of taking care of yourself, especially when you’re young—we’re here to tell you that your skin doesn’t get dewier with age. You don’t need to schedule a full-body seaweed mask at the spa; just a few extra minutes during the day make a difference. Boost your beauty routine with some easy DIY remedies for dry skin, and the glow of self-care will come from within.

Top DIY Remedies for Dry Skin

Treat Your Lips

Lip scrubs aren’t an indulgence; they should be a weekly treatment to exfoliate and prevent chapping. You can make your own scrub with sugar and honey, or even baking soda and water, and finish with a dab of Vaseline. Or, you can seal in moisture with homemade balms or lip glosses. Customize your lip product with your favorite essential oils. If you don’t have a lot of time, you just need a few basic ingredients that you can enhance with extra Vitamin E, coconut oil, or a hint of calming fragrance.

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Pamper Your Feet

If it’s not possible to work in a pedicure, that doesn’t mean you get to ignore the dry skin and calluses on your feet. You can whip together a foot soak with vinegar, water, and 10 stolen minutes. Gently use a pumice stone regularly in the shower. Or be even more gentle with your own scrub by combining sea salt, lemon juice, and baby oil. Extend any treatments overnight by sleeping in moisture-retention socks. Or, create your own with some tube socks and healing ointment from the drugstore.

Drink Water

We know you’ve heard it before, but we’re willing to bet that you haven’t mastered it yet. Moisture begins with eight glasses of water, and you need to get into the habit now. Not excited ? Add fresh fruit to a pitcher of water overnight for an infusion of flavor. If you miss soft drinks, pick up some bubbly seltzer at the grocery store. More water benefits are endless: softer skin from the inside out, flushed-out toxins, increased mental focus, and a better immune system.


Start with these and be alert for more DIY remedies for dry skin, such as adding a moisturizer to your foundation or devoting 30 minutes to a banana-almond hair mask. If you have trouble remembering every day, use a bullet journal to track your successes, and reward yourself for reaching goals. One suggestion for a reward? More time for self-care.

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