Washi tape is an excellent way to spice up your planner or DIY project. So, here are happy yellow washi tape to brighten your planner!

Happy Yellow Washi Tape to Brighten Your Planner

Washi tape is an excellent and fantastic way to spice up your planner or DIY project. One of my favorite types of washi tape is bright yellow tapes (next to houseplant tapes). These are my favorite because the color yellow elicits happy feelings and brighten up my planner. So, I have decided to create a collection of some of my favorite happy yellow washi tape to brighten your planner!


Plain Yellow Artist Tape

I am starting with this basic artist tape because you simply cannot go wrong with plain yellow washi tape. An excellent plain tape can be used in all situations, and you do not have to worry about clashing patterns!

Darice Yellow Washi Tape Assortment

Next, we take a step up to some very simple patterned yellow washi tape. These types of tapes are great to add not only some happy yellow but also some texture in the form of patterns. I like this group of designs because of their simplicity.

Yellow Fruit Food Flower Drink Tape

Now, with this multi-pack of happy yellow washi tape, you get not only bright yellow and patterns but more fun and creative designs. These tapes include fruits, food, flowers, drinks, animals, text, and more!

This bright and fun washi tape features several different sunshines in a bright golden yellow. This tape brightens up any planner or craft project.

Sunshine Washi Tape

This tape is my personal favorite for two reasons. First, there isn't another well-priced tape on the market like it and second, because I designed it! A few summers ago, I went looking for some yellow sunshine tape and couldn't seem to find any! The lack of tapes like this one led me to design this sunshine tape! You can cut it up and use each sun individually or keep the collection of various sunshine doodles to inspire your bullet journal or DIY project!

PuTwo Orange & Yellow Washi Tape

It is more challenging than you would think to find strictly yellow washi tapes. However, often if the theme is right, adding a little bit of orange or green can't hurt. These tapes feature fruits and patterns, which include yellow, orange, and green details!

Capybara Shape Cheeseburgers in Dotted Yellow Washi Tape

Next, I simply could not resist these adorable Capybara Cheeseburgers! This yellow washi tape is sure to make you laugh and brighten your planner!

AllyDrew Striped Japanese Yellow Chevron

Just like the first few washi tapes, we looked at, you simply cannot go wrong with a basic tape pattern. Chevron is an incredibly popular design that looks great nearly all of the time.

EnYan Floral Washi Tape

I know, these tapes aren't all yellow; however, the two on the far right include yellow and I love them too much not to include them. So, if you are looking for some floral styles, this is definitely a washi tape pack to consider.

Yellow Glitter Washi Tape

Have you ever even thought of using glitter washi tape in your planner? It truly is a crazy concept, so crazy, it could add wonders! Naturally, I had to include a glittery happy yellow washi tape to this collection!

Allydrew Washi Tapes

Here is another awesome patterned yellow washi tape pack. However, this pack is grey and various shades of yellow, which pair so nicely together. If you are interested in layering your happy yellow washi tape, this may be precisely the tape you need!

Yellow Floral Washi Tape

Here is yet another floral yellow tape. Yellow flowers are gorgeous and I am so excited to see some beautiful floral washi tapes out there in yellow. This is just one of them, but there are SO many to choose from!

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