18 Happy Yellow Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

20+ Happy Yellow Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Yellow is one of my favorite colors to work with in my bullet journal. I use yellow at least once per summer. Though I try to use the color more often. The color yellow makes me feel so happy and uplifted. You can't go wrong with such a happy, bright color! If you are looking to add some yellow to your bullet journal, here are over 20 layouts for inspiration!

Autumn Reading by @paperplants

I enjoy the inclusion of minimal but effective coloring. Having yellow in the details and borders allows the layout to pop!

Yellow Weekly Grid by @bulletjournalamino

This spread is both a bold yellow weekly grid AND an amazing Harry Potter-themed layout! I am Gryffindor, what are you??

Yellow Honeycomb Instagram Follower Tracker by @jashiicorrin

Who doesn't love a good honeycomb layout!? What kind of Instagram follower tracker do you use? This one is a fantastic idea!!

Karyn's Watercolor Pocket Calendar | Client Gallery

2019 Sunflower Title Page

I created this watercolor sunflower title page for a client, Karyn. Karyn's husband gifted her a floral and gardening themed pocket planner. Additionally, I just LOVE how it turned out! It shows off one great way to use yellow in your bullet journal

January Weekly Layout by @bujobreak

This layout almost feels celebratory with the fireworks and strung lights! Also, I love that she used a crayola supertip to add all of her details!

MariaVictoria's Themed Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello July Sunshine

Here is another hello or cover page I created for a client. Maria Victoria requested a different theme for each month. So, July's theme was sunshine. Therefore, I created a fun watercolor sun to kick off July!

Karma Quote by @thebluebujo

Work Smart Quote by @bujo.becca

Who doesn't love a good encouraging quote!? I love the mix of banners and flowers used for this quote. Further, the quote reads "work smarter not harder."

Bright Yellow Heart + Quote by @artjclub

This is one of my favorite layouts in this round-up. The sold yellow with white lettering stands out so strongly. Then, the yellow heart with a seedling growing out of it is done so incredibly well. You cannot help but stare at this layout!

Sunflower Weekly Spread by @bymarcelekeny

I love the look of this layout and layouts similar to this one. I do not know how people do these, I can't seem to figure it out. But I love them! Additionally, how gorgeous are the sunflowers!?

Yellow March Weekly Layout

Here is another fun yellow watercolor layout I created for a client. This planner is in an A4 notebook which I only do by request. However, I love the way this one turned out. The black over the watercolor helps it to pop!

Snake by @herewithoutmari

I hate snakes, they freak me out. However, this layout is a great example of using yellow in your bullet journal. So, regardless of my fear, I am sharing this layout with you!

March Monthly Log by @idunnobujo

I love the use of yellow and anging lightbulbs! I think these layouts look phenomenal and paire well together. Additionally, isn't her handwritting gorgeous!!

Jar of Honey Weekly by @128studies

I can't help but be reminded of Winnie the Pooh when I see jars of honey? What does this beautiful layout remind you of? Let me know in the comments below!

Yellow Habit Tracker by @bulletjournalnoob

As you may know, @bulletjournalnoob is one of my favorite bullet journaling Instagram accounts. Her work is perfect! Additionally, she was a feature here on the blog, check out more about her bullet journal journey HERE! Regardless, this layout is fantastic! I always LOVE her trackers!

Yellow Time Log by @didijournals

This layout sticks out so firmly in my mind. I love the use of yellow for a border. Additionally, the other colors and handwriting are phenomenal!

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello January Floral Page

I created watercolor floral layouts for this custom bullet journal inspired planner turned out amazing! While I am not sure what flower this is, I love the way it looks in a golden yellow shade!

Yellow Summer Popsicle by @notjustbujo

Not only is this layout yellow but it features a bright yellow quote and summer popsicle! Who doesn't love a good popsicle in the summer??

18 Happy Yellow Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

April Bubbles Weekly Layout by @abby.happyplans

Circles are my favorite shap, I love the use of color and pattern in the circles of this layout. Additionally, If you look close enough, there are some quotes in there!

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