Green Houseplant August Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me

It's a new month which means it is time for a new plan-with-me. This month's spread is green and houseplant themed. Interested in learning more? Then, keep on reading!


The Green Houseplant Theme Process

For August, I decided to use green as my main theme. However, I did not want to use acrylic paint again. So, I browsed my ink collection thinking that I could use mosaic stamps. This idea was another flop as I don't have a green ink like I thought I did. I knew I wanted to use houseplant washi tape and needed some more, so, about halfway through July, I ordered some houseplant tape through Amazon AND Etsy hoping that one of them would come in time though neither had tracking information.

I finally settled on using watercolor and began mixing a green color that I felt would match the tapes I had ordered. I painted up the pages well in advance but the washi tape was not coming in time. The first week and a half of August I did not have completed layouts, I took pictures before the washi tape came in, then you can view the layouts once I completed them with the washi tape. You can also check this out in the video flip-through embedded above.

Before Adding Washi Tape

After Adding Washi Tape

The Layout Descriptions

As usual, my August spread includes a hello page and then weekly planning pages. First, the hello page is painted almost entirely in green watercolor paint. There is a strip across the upper middle of the page that is not painted over. This unpainted section is bordered with houseplant washi tape. Finally, in a minimal black script, “August” is across the center.

Next, the weekly layouts follow a general design. I painted the space of this layout in the same green watercolor as the hello page. Then on the bottom edge of the page is more green houseplant washi tape. Each page features a different washi tape. Next, I outlined the seven columns found in the center of the two pages in black ink.

Additionally, the header is in a black minimal script font on the left page. Then, on the right page is the week number, again, in black. Lastly, the letter and number indicating the day and date are in black at the top of the day’s column.

Products Used

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