30 Shimmering Gold Bullet Journal Layouts

30 Shimmering Gold Bullet Journal Layouts

Out of all of the metallics, gold is my absolute favorite! I LOVE gold. Gold is so beautiful, shimmery, shiny, and classy. Additionally, I love the way people use gold in their bullet journal. It is often used so creatively using washi tape, paint, ink, stickers, etc. So, here are 30 fantastic gold bullet journal layouts!

Golden Moments by Sublime Reflection

First, check out this golden memory layout! I love the simplicity and use of what appears to be stickers!

Bold Weekly by @jihielephant

Next, there is not a ton of gold on this layout, but the small accents are in gold which is really neat

Golden Circle Weekly by @dani.nishida


I love the use of gold as an accent. This layout does a super job focusing on the washi tape borders as well as on the daily circles.

Golden Key by @loashleydoodles

This layout uses fewer metallics than some of the others we will talk about. However, it does a great job at giving the illusion of gold on the key without actually using the metallic color.

Gold Brush Strokes by @beautybangjournal

Love the idea of these metallic strokes behind the layout. further, I wonder what the inspiration for these layouts is! Then, mixed with the mismatched numbers makes a beautiful visual for a bullet journal spread.

Places to Go by @jihielephant

This gold layout is one I created for a client. Further, I love how the two shades of gold give the illusions of a lit theater sign.

Gold Habits & Self-Care Tracking by @ananeh_berlin

I love the bold and beautiful-ness of this layout! I will be taking note from @ananeh_berlin when I create my next tracking layout!

Expenses & Income by @bujo.crafts


I love the minimalistic and basic golden touches added to this financial tracking layout by @bujo.crafts!

Golden Goals by @jihielephant

Again, this layout is not metallic gold. However, I thought it was fitting because it seems golden without the metallic feel.

Fall Bucket List by @kellofaplan


Next, I would love to know if these are stickers or if it is handwritten. If this layout is handwritten, then, I need to know about what pen the creator used! I Love it!

Hello November by @nola.maine_


Here is another excellent golden layout. Despite that it is somehow not metallic, it is still super awesome. Additionally, I love these types of doodle pages and how they are so creative!!

Gold December Weekly by @jihielephant

Next, the use of washi tape can be so crucial for a layout, like this one. Further, I think the tape in this one adds so much more to the layout!

Golden December by @jihielephant

The minimal additions of golden ink can add to a layout. Further, I loved making this one for a client!

Weekly Gold Fans by @lakeprincessandkingofdwarfs

What a beautiful layout! Further, I love that in this spread, the dimensions feel almost 3d or like they are popping out of the page.

Golden Washi Cover by @jihielephant

To explain this image, I didn't like the inner cover of one of my notebooks. So, I covered it in gold washi tape, read more about it here.

Gold Washi Tape by @nias.journal


Next, this layout has such a subtle addition via the washi tape. Additionally, metals (like gold) can really add to a layout.

Starry Week by @bountifulcolours

Gold goes so well with a starry night-time layout. An example is this layout which has awesome classy lettering!

Sleep Study & Habit Tracking by @nias.journal

I love the subtleties of this bullet journal spread. For example, the intricacies like the tape, stickers, and fine details pull everything together.

Sweater Weather by @melanie_knits


Currently, it is sweater weather, so this layout fits perfectly! How awesome are the golden doodles in this bullet journal spread?

January by @green.tea.studies

Sharpie has some seriously fantastic gold permanent markers and paint pens; I love using them! Further, this layout has some fun with golden markers!

Gold Human by @urbanjournal.seasonink

How beautiful is this golden artwork by @urbanjournal.seasonink! I love different artwork of the human body. Additionally, I love and appreciate showing off how everyone is different, and these physical differences are nothing to be ashamed of. Check out my round-up of body-positive bullet journal layouts here.

Gold December by @jihielephant

Next, this spread is from my December 2017 Plan-with-Me, and I loved the thread of red and gold that I kept throughout the whole set-up!

Gold Christmas by @frai.oh


Golden paper! How cool is this layout by @frai.oh!? I have never thought of doing something like this one!

Gold Cover by @jihielephant

Here is the other inner cover that I mentioned earlier! Here, I used golden washi tape to cover up the inside of the notebook cover. Read more here!

Golden Feathers by @irinascreations

This next layout features golden feathers. How awesome is the concept in this bullet journal spread!? I love the different ways creators depict feathers in journal artwork.

HelloNovember by @the.whimsical.journal

I love a good geometric and minimal layout. This one is really cool because of the geometric detail, dark green center, and minimal lettering!

GoldLeafs by @ananeh_berlin

Next, this layout has such amazing dimensions and detail! Great use of gold!

Golden Future Log by @bountifulcolours


I am dying for the golden detailing used in this future planner!

Gold Details by @patienceplans


Lastly, I love the use of golden tools and tapes in this spread. It may not be a bullet journal, but it still uses gold super well!

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