When starting a new journal, new year, or new mentality goals and visions are essential. Check out these inspiring goal and vision board layouts to help you destroy the new year!

Top Goal & Vision Board Layouts to Destroy The New Year

The new year is creeping up on us quickly, and many bullet journalers have begun planning and creating their upcoming 2021 journal, myself included! When starting a new planner, new year, a new mentality, or a new life outlook, goals and visions are essential for planning and motivation. Here are over 20 amazing and inspiring goal and vision board layouts for your bullet journal to help you destroy the new year!

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Goal and Resolution Layouts

Goal and resolution layouts are historically popular when a new year is approaching. So, it is only natural that we talk about these layouts first. Check out these goal bullet journal ideas!

Goals by Category

photo credit: @hotdoggodoggo
In addition to the beautiful washi tape visual, I love the way this goals layout is set-up! This page includes several different categories for goals. Additionally, the goals are very specific and seem to be guided by SMART Goals.

Minimal Monthly Goals

photo credit: DanielleBujo

This goals layout is a great example of how you can include goals into your monthly spread. You can leave it as open as this example is, or you can detail specific goals/categories to write about each month!

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Eight-Part Goals

photo credit: unknown
This layout is another beautiful example of how you might organize your goals or resolutions for the new year. For example, this layout details eight simple goals in a minimal way. If you are looking for something more simplistic, this is a great idea!

90 Day Goals

photo credit: Sublime Reflections

What attracted me to this 90-day goal spread is its functioning and detail. Not only is this a list of goals, but it also breaks down the goal into smaller sub-goals, identifies a theme, and details tasks according to the sub-goals. This is incredibly similar to the ladder goals I explain in this blog post.

Goals Doodle Page

photo credit: Papier
The doodles in this layout create the feeling over overlap between goals and vision board (we talk vision boards below!). I have chosen to include it here under "Goals" because of the layout's header. Doodles are a great alternative way to identify your goals for the new year!

Goals and Rewards

photo credit: LivBujo

For some people, goals are difficult to follow through on. While that is a topic for another blog post, rewards are one way to motivate yourself, and this layout utilizes rewards!

I created this spread for a custom bujo client. She requested spots for several goals, and each goal to have a steps/tasks section and a rewards section!

Level 10 Life & Goals

photo credit: AnjaHome
Have you ever heard of Level 10 Life layouts? They are another way to plan your life and detail goals. You can read more about Level 10 Life by clicking here. However, I love that this goal spread is also a Level 10 Life layout and how easily you can incorporate both to destroy your new year.

Goals by Category

purple 2019 goals Hannah
photo credit: HannahBujo

Here is another fun and creative way to layout your goals by category! I love the doodles and banner style headers. The configuration makes for a very visually pleasing goal bullet journal layout.

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Level 10 Live

photo credit: MashaPlans
Check out this other level 10 life spread! I love that it is spread out over two pages. Additionally, the style of the circular part is so fun and creative!

Monthly Goal Overview

photo credit: DanielleBujo
I have already shown an example of monthly goals incorporation. However, here is another way to do just that in a monthly spread. This one also includes habits tracking.

Goals Overview

photo credit: Diary of a Journal Planner
Did you notice that this goals page is on the very last page of the notebook? What a great place to put them because it is effortless to reference them! Also, side note, adding a motivating quote on the back pocket!? I love this!

Level 10 Life & Lifetime Goals

photo credit: Real Estate Bujo
Here is yet another way to create a level 10 life spread AND incorporate goals. I love about this goal spread because they are for lifetime goals, organized by category, and broken down into sub-goals!

New Years Resolutions

photo credit: Oikawa Studies
Resolutions are just another way to talk about goals. So, naturally, I wanted to include a few resolutions spreads. This one is very simple and includes a quote, some minimal doodles, and several simplified goals!

10 Resolutions

photo credit: ArtArtArt
Here is, yet again, a simple goals spread with a resolution title. I love the minimal style of this layout with the bold numbers.

Vision Board Bullet Journal

A newer trend in bullet journaling is the inclusion of a vision board. Tradiitionally, vision boards are created on a board or separate from a planner; however, more recently they have become popular inside of bullet journals.

What is a Vision Board?

So, what is a vision board, you may ask? Well, a vision board is a collection of ideas, motivations, goals, intentions, etc. It can be ultimately anything you want as far as visuals. It can look similar to a collage or more like a list. Further, it can include pictures, but it doesn't have to. The point of a vision board is to help you identify your vision, give clarity, reinforce affirmations, and stay focused on your intentions. If you are interested to learn more about vision boards, check out this guide by Louise Bartlett. Let's check out some awesome vision board bullet journal layouts!

2019 Vision Board

photo credit: unknown
What I love about this vision board bullet journal layout is the vibe. If you read the quotes or mantras, they are all so positive and affirming! Also, the imagery is celebratory and inspiring—what a phenomenal vision.
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Vision Board & Legacy

photo credit: RealEstateBujo
As I already mentioned, vision boards do not have to include imagery and do not have to look like collages. This is a perfect example of a more word-oriented and organized vision board. In addition to the "vision board" section, this spread details an "I am" and legacy sections, which I love.

Minimal Vision Board

photo credit: @bananotes
Here is a great doodle vision board bullet journal layout. I love that this vision board is all minimal doodles with captions. What a creative spread!
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Focus & Self-Care Vision Board

photo credit: Side Real Life

Check out these two super creative and fun vision boards. I love that each relevant category has its own color, but the two layouts match in style. Check out this mixture of words and imagery!
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Minimal Vision Board

photo credit: Bullet Journal Addict
Here is another very organized vision board. I love the minimal and organized look of this one. I am not sure how it is intended to be used, but adding pictures in the left page boxes is a phenomenal idea! Do you love these layouts? Check out more inspiration for your bullet journal by clicking here!
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