20+ Goal Pages to Start Your Year Right

20+ Goal Pages to Start Your Year Right

With the new year coming so soon, everyone is rushing to review their 2018 year and develop updated or new goals and resolutions for 2019. I am no different. Writing and tracking your goals can be really complex and difficult. To help you out, here are 23 goal pages to help you start of your 2019 bullet journal right.

23 Goal Pages to Start Off Your 2019 Bullet Journal Right

Goals and Focus by @ananeh.journals

I absolutely love @ananeh.journals and her use of gold and her artistic ability. This layout is no different and I love how she titles it Goals and Focus.

Golden Goal Layout by @jihielephant

This is a layout I created for a client based on request. I like that there are 8 different sections and a nice encouraging statement.

Summer 90 Day Goals by Sublime Reflection

This is a cool take on a goal page since it focuses on summer and is broken up into so many different categories. A 90 day period is a nice period of time for goal tracking and planning.

Level 10 Life by Boho Berry

If you haven't heard of level 10 life layouts, theses are amazing goal layouts that I highly recommend at least looking into. Check out more about Level 10 Life spreads here.

Initiate in 2017 by @anjbulletes

This layout is great because it describes the goal, how to achieve it, and when to achieve it by. Additionally, this is one of the most effective ways to reach your goals.

2018 New Years Resolutions by @annebujo

Do you set new year's resolutions? If you do this list layout might be perfect for your bullet journal! It's a simple list, but perfect if you are going for something simple.

2018 2019 Goals by Category by @jihielephant

I used this layout in 2017 and 2018 and found it to be incredibly useful. I love the 6 categories and keeping them separate. The categories I used include work, legacy, logistics, home, health, and leisure.

Goals & Tracking by @bluenittany

How adorable is this monthly bee-themed goal and habit tracker! Super cute and I love the hexagons that are used for each category. Also, this layout is for habits as well, how unique!

February 2018 Goals and Tasks by @thebujophase

This monthly page includes goals and tasks. I love the black an white minimal yet floral feel to the list! It is absolutely beautiful

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Life and Yearly Goals by @jihielephant

I created this layout for a client who requested separate pages for life and yearly goals. I love the idea of a blank page in order to write in your resolutions and it's steps however you'd like.

2017 Winter Goals by BohoBerry

I love the idea of seasonal goals. This allows you to check your progress quarterly instead of monthly or only once a year. Categories here are finish, do, celebrate, study, and start.

Monthly Goals by Forever Good Life

I really enjoy this monthly bullet journal layout because it lists the goal, why it is important, how to achieve it, when she worked toward it, and what exactly was done working toward achieving it.

Quarter 1 Goals by @theartofsimple

How interesting, unique and simple is this quarterly goals layout!? I personally find progress bars to be super useful in visualizing progress. This layout even has a section to keep thoughts on progress and other related items. I kind of love this bullet journal spread!

January Goals by @bluenittany

Here is another awesome goal layout done by @bluenittany! This one is organized by week, how neat! Super great content.

2018 Goals by @fischrjournals

This layout brings bullet journaling back to its roots with its simplicity. I am a huge fan of the simplicity mind map or brain dump style of this spread.

Goals by Sublime Reflection

This layout breaks down goals into various time frames (monthly focus, 90 day, and top priority) and highlights the most important ones as well, great way to layout your resolutions and whatever else you want to achieve.!

Monthly Goals by @jihielephant

This layout is the adaptation of my own monthly spread which I used later in 2018 to keep track of my monthly goals and to-dos. its a basic list layout with some kind of decorative titling.

February Goals by @rainbow.bujo

This color-coded four square style layout is particularly neat because of the design and the categories which are super positive!

2016 Goals by @emshwarzrdn

I love the adorable category-based doodles on this goal list! Its super cute and friendly to look at. Like many layouts shown here, it is a categorized list.

January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

January 2018 Monthly Layout by @jihielephant

This layout is a monthly layout which includes a goals column on the left. I used this early 2018 and really enjoyed it. Again, this is a simple list layout.

New Year Resolutions by @studywithinspo

This clean new year layout is super nice to look at with its minimal feel and fun doodles! This layout was made to showcase new year's related items and is in list form.

23 Goal Pages to Start Off Your 2019 Bullet Journal Right

Level 10 Life Progress Bars by Jebra

Here is another amazing Level 10 Life layout. I love the progress bars and goal lists in this super minimal spread. This particular layout appears to be a weekly progress layout.

Next Level Tracking by @marketyourcreativity

This may be one of my favorite layouts in this roundup. I love the mountain and sun doodle and the goals being in the little cloud bubbles. The title is what caught my eye to this layout, the page is title "what do I need to do to next level?" I love this outlook.

>>What are your Resolutions? Let me know in the comments below! Want more bullet journal layout inspiration? Click here!

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