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Easy Ways To Give Yourself a New Outlook on Life

When you’re stuck at home, it’s nearly impossible to avoid falling into a rut of the same surroundings, the same people, and the same worries. A monthlong spa retreat somewhere tropical would help, but until you can book that, there are plenty of easy ways to give yourself a new outlook on life. Just emphasize “look.” So much of what we’re feeling depends on how we look at things, and it’s hard to keep those rose-colored glasses handy. Use these exercises as a reminder that we can’t see the whole picture without looking at it from different angles.

Think Like A Tourist

Remember that feeling of visiting another country and waking up determined to see everything you can in one day? The odds are that visitors feel that way about where you live, too, so try to look at where you live through their eyes. Walk around your neighborhood and think about what landmarks are of note, even if their importance is only special to you. Imagine that you can’t get the “area cuisine” elsewhere, and see if it tastes even better. Host a mental tour of your home, stopping at a “portrait” of yourself and listing all your accomplishments. It will give you a new appreciation for everything or, at the very least, make you laugh. freebie-form-image-daily-mental-health-journal

Redecorate with Your Own Things

Our environment impacts our psychological health, and we can even get sick of our own things if we see them all the time. Take the items out of context, instead. Move a chair into another room for a different vibe and a new place to sit and reflect. Clear off a bookshelf and give your favorite collectibles a new place of honor with an elegant arrangement. Browse through what you have in storage and put away other things you don’t need. Switch up the items in rooms entirely, just for fun; you can always switch it back later. The things in your home are there because they attracted you. You chose them and put them there, so let yourself see them anew; give yourself a new outlook. yellow background_woman celebrate_wearing yellow

Wear the Color of Happiness

Emergency workers and crisis teams don’t just wear yellow for visibility but also inspire hope, energy, and optimism. It’s no mistake that smiley faces are yellow, and researchers agree it’s the happiest color. Think of all the yellow things: baby ducks and chicks, sunflowers and daffodils, highlighters, Twinkies, and Pikachu, to name a few. You could paint your walls yellow, paint your nails, or put on whatever yellow you can find in your closet. It’s one of the easiest ways to give yourself a new outlook on life and put a smile on the face of anyone who sees you.

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