15 Super Amazing Geometric Bullet Journal Layouts

15 Super Amazing Geometric Bullet Journal Layouts

I am a huge fan of geometric shapes and patterns. I decided to use them in my own bullet journal this month for March and wanted to share some more ways geometry can be used to make amazing bullet journal spreads. Check out these 15 super amazing geometric bullet journal layouts!

Cabin Weekly by @marthasjournal

This layout is a gorgeous introduction to a geometric layout. The imagery itself is not geometric but the way it is like a slice in the middle of the page makes it geometric. I love the combination of art styles, this one pulls it off beautifully.

Geometric Deer by @tonisjournal

I am a sucker for geometric animals. And a deer or antlered mammal is probably the most common one! Beautiful! Check out my own rendition here.

Week Fourty-Seven by @delux.journaling

I love all the little triangles that make up this layout. Triangles are an amazing way to add a geometric feel to any layout!

Week Fourty-Eight by @literal.journal

I LOVE mosaic tile and the geometry of it! This layout appears to be done by hand which is impressive!! Check out my mosaic layouts done using stamps!

Geometric Elephant by @bujobycindy

Elephants! You know I am all into this one! I also love the way a more realistic elephant morphs into a geometric one! @bujobycindy did this with a few animals and they are amazing!

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Moanna Mood Tracker by @rachelmaybujo

This moanna themed layout is gorgeous! I love the way the colors compliment the geometric and patterned designs! I am also just a huge fan of the use of black and white on this one to make it so bold!

Iridescents and Triangles by @bujostephf

The geometry in this layout is far more subtle than some of the others we’ve looked at. Here you find some small triangles throughout the layout. There is also some iridescent washi tape and triangle paper; super creative and breath-taking!

Weekly by @impravable

A nice subtle way to add geometry to your layouts is to add some shapes and patterns into your border or to use it to separate sections. I love the way this layout flawlessly pulls it off!

November by @deluxe.journaling

You see monthly spreads similar to this one all the time. What makes this one stand out is the cool geometric pattern that splits it in half, love it!!

Watercolor Geometry Weekly by @_coffeeandsarcasm_

What is better than a geometric layout? A geometric layout that is minimal and adds watercolor! This might be one of my favorite layouts in this round-up, amazing work!

Hello April by @jihielephant

Here is my hello April page from 2018. I can’t remember where I saw the inspiration for this one, but it was definitely when I was doing research for a tattoo design. This is still one of my favorite hello pages to this day!

Hello November by @letters.nikki

Gotta love a simple, minimal shape to really add some ‘pop’ to a hello page! I do this all the time and I love it! Shapes and lines can easily add to a simple layout!

Hello November Geometric Mountains by @bu.journal.love

I am a huge fan of nature-themed layouts so I am incredibly drawn to the way these triangles look like mountains. The really cool watercolor adds to the layout beautifully! Gorgeous!

Geometric Lion by @ellacourbet

Another geometric animal, I just cannot resist! The way people can take something realistic and transform it into shapes is amazing and I love everything about it! Keep up the amazing work!

November Weekly by @blackandwhitebullet

Last but not least, this gorgeous weekly layout takes shapes and lines and creates was appears to be fabric swatches but they are, in fact, drawn on the page! It looks phenomenal. The patterns added to “Nov” makes the layout super fun.

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