Fun and Unique Ways To Decorate Your Bullet Journal

Fun and Unique Ways To Decorate Your Bullet Journal

As we all know, bullet journaling is a way of organizing our lives neatly and artfully. You can get bored recycling the same ideas over and over again. But now you don’t have to; check out our fun and unique ways to decorate your bullet journal.

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Use A Stamper

You may feel lazy when planning certain weeks, and trying to master calligraphy is hard! Use a set of letter stamps or other small doodles to add a little spice to your journal. Unlike stickers, stamps are reusable, and you can purchase different colored ink pads to create more variety.

Grab A Stencil

Stencils make for a fast-journaling process. Gone are the days when you must count each dot to make sure every box is equal. Just throw a stencil down and trace away! This helps move the process along faster so that you can get to the more fun parts.

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Repurpose Old Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper clippings give sophistication and an old-timey feel to your journal. You could choose to cover a whole page with a clipping or tear off little pieces and place them strategically among the other elements on the page. This is a fun way to add quotes to a bullet journal.

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Use Dried & Preserved Flowers

This is the best solution to decorating your bullet journal by far. You can easily walk outside and find native plants and flowers to stick in your journal. If you are finding your own supplies, make sure you learn how to care for dry flowers so that they stay in good condition until you are ready to paste them into your journal.

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Take Some Polaroid Pictures

Polaroid images are the perfect size for a classic bullet journal page. The pictures print instantly, and you can add a quote at the bottom to remember the occasion. This is great if you want to memory plan; it allows you to look back on the journal and smile at your previous excursions.

If you don't have a polaroid camera, you can take photos with your phone and then print them like a polaroid with your Pocket Printer!

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Try Your Hand At Different Writing Utensils

You probably gravitate to whatever writing medium is most comfortable for you. Broaden your skills and start using crayons, colored pencils, or watercolors in your journal. Surprise yourself by watching how well pages turn out when you switch up the writing utensils.

sources: Pinterest, Maddie, Miriam, Pinterest

Stock Up On Scrapbooking Paper

Like using newspaper clippings, you can collect various pieces of scrapbooking paper to stick in your journal. Choose paper that is solid in color or themed to the current season. Use this paper for your weekly boxes or a backdrop for the polaroid you just put in.

Try Using Multimedia: Like Stickers & Washi Tape

While these options are more common than previously mentioned media, stickers and washi tape are a GREAT way to decorate your bullet journal. You can add these pre-created pieces of art anywhere in your planner for some flair. In addition to working by itself, you can use stickers and washi tape instead of an adhesive to add paper, pictures, or dried flowers to your bullet journal. If this idea interests you, check out our guides for the best stickers and the best washi tapes for your bullet journaling experience.

There is no right or wrong way to utilize these fun and unique ways to decorate your bullet journal. The glory of it all is that you can change the way you plan each week. Enjoy your time while journaling; it’s an excellent activity that provides you with a little bit of me-time.

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