Social distancing is, unsurprisingly, hard on social lives. Learn ways to show friends you care and support them without breaking social distance rules.

Ways to Keep Up Friendships During Social Distancing

Social distancing is putting a real damper on just about every part of social life. College students are now home and separated from friends they’ve gotten used to living just a few steps away from. While you can’t get together with your friends right now or even meet up anywhere, there are still a few ways to keep your friendships strong. Check out these ways to keep up friendships during social distancing.

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Write An Old-Fashioned Letter

You most likely have a lot more time on your hands now than you used to, so why not sit down with a fancy greeting card and write a little note to your friends? This means a real note on a real card that you send via snail mail. You’ll get to look forward to them receiving it and you will brighten their days by letting them know you’re thinking about them—plus, you put in extra effort by mailing a real card, rather than sending a text or direct message.

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Schedule Virtual Hangout Nights

More than a group video call on one of the countless video calling apps, schedule a video call with a purpose. Taking the time to schedule an actual activity for you and your friend group to do together can allow you guys to bond the way you would in person. General virtual hangouts that are just about checking in can get old, since everybody’s day was about the same—isolated and low-key. Here are a few ideas of activities you can schedule with your friends.

  • Charades: There are apps you can use to play charades at a distance, where one person guess what the others are acting out.
  • Slideshow presentation battle: Ask each friend to prepare a 10-minute slideshow presentation on the funniest subject they can think of and present to the group.
  • Show and tell: Have each member of the group bring the item they own that has the best backstory and share the stories with each other.

Drop Off Packages

If you’re lucky enough to live near your friends, try putting together little care packages and leaving them at your friends’ doorsteps and texting them to check their doors. These packages are a great way to keep up friendships during social distancing. You’ll get to retain your social distance (don’t tell them to check their doors until you’re safely back in your car) and give your friend a fun surprise. You can include simple items to keep them entertained and show them you care and are thinking about them during this tough time. Here are some ideas of things to include for your friends:

  • Face masks: These are a fun way for your friend to relax and practice some self-care.
  • Coloring books: Coloring is a fun activity that can be calming and help pass the time, all while creating something beautiful.
  • A good book: Including a copy of a book you love can show the time and effort you put into their package and give them something fun to do.
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