Factor Your Feelings After A Long-Distance Move

Factor Your Feelings After A Long-Distance Move

Moving long distance, while life-affirming, can be terrifying. To some degree, it’s obvious before you’ve even embarked on the journey. No one could undertake a move like this without an overfill of feelings or at least a fluttering in your stomach. It’s simply not possible. This post gives a brief rundown of some feelings you might experience after a long-distance move and some ways to sooth them.

Loneliness, for example, is commonplace when the reality of moving far from home kicks in. (read more about dealing with this loneliness here). You’re leaving your support network. No longer can your family and friends drop by for a quick chat. Instead, you’ll have to go it alone. Worse, you’ll probably need those conversations more in your first weeks of your new location than ever before.

On top of that are worries about organizing movers, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the day. These things are stressful enough when moving locally. They become even more hassle when operating over long distances.

But, the fears don’t end there. In fact, your first few weeks in the new location can be the most difficult of all. You may have been so focused on sorting moving day, or overcoming loneliness, that you forgot to factor the other emotions you may experience. To help you fully prepare for what’s to come, we’re going to look at some of the less expected emotions involved.

How to Factor For Your Feelings After A Long-Distance Move


When you first arrive, chances are that you'll feel vulnerable. You may find that you avoid going out after dark, or double-bot your front door. You don't know the area yet, so, you may not know about crime rates and so on. For the most part, time will heal this worry. To help settle your mind, it might be worth installing a home security system such as the ones at https://homesecuritysystem.co and stocking up on alarms for your purse just in case. It may also be worth keeping an eye on the local news. In no time you'll realize that there's no reason to spend so much time and effort worrying.

Culture shock

Additionally, anyone embarking on a move like this will expect some cultural differences. But, if you’re moving from state to state, the differences may not be small. Even among the states in the US, there are vast cultural differences. Simple things, such as slang words used or favorite foods, could take you by surprise. Make an effort to go out and discover the cultural quirks of your new city. In no time, you’ll pick up on most things and figure out how you fit into it.


How to Factor For Your Feelings After A Long-Distance Move

Disorientation will also feature heavily in your new life and may last a lot longer than you expect. There’s no getting around the fact that everything’s going to be that bit harder to find at first. You’ll need to navigate a myriad of new locations. Even going for a weekly food shop will be a nightmare. After all, even after you’ve found the shop, you’ll need to navigate the unfamiliar layout. To lessen the blow, it’s worth researching as much as before you move. And, of course, you can’t beat a bit of old-fashioned exploration.

Regardless of these difficulties, you can get through it. Change is hard, it really is and there is no sugar coating it. You will deal with vulnerability, culture shock, and disorientation and that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with those feelings, let them in and accept them! The sooner you accept them, the easier it will be. The purpose of this post is to inform, I hope you make your move easier and more informed than mine was.

Let me know what you did that helped you adjust to a long-distance move!

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How to Factor For Your Feelings After A Long-Distance Move
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