Emily's Pink Custom Bullet Journal

Emily's Pink Custom Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Emily. Emily's notebook was created in a black A5 size notebook with the main color being pink. Layouts involved include a title page, key page, index, a year at a glance, bill tracking, savings goals, vacations, cleaning schedule, zone cleaning, home maintenance, monthly calendar, meal plan, spending log, weekly columns, and password tracking.

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Emily’s custom planner.

Title Page:

Emily's title layout is a pink watercolor title page. For the header, "Emily" is written In a calligraphy font. Then, on the second line, "2018 - 2019" is written in an all-caps print font.


This layout is simple with a key in the title, and 9 symbols listed.


I used a straightforward index layout here. I wrote the months and main pages in an all-caps print font skipping every other line. The header is also in a print font.

Year at a Glance:

This year at a glance features 12 months, August 2018 through July 2019, in a calendar format. The months a minimal cursive. Then, the days of the week are highlighted in pink. The main header is "2018 - 2019" and "at a glance" in a print font. print font.

Bill Tracking:

This layout accounts for 12 months of bills in two pages. The pink sections are for the title of the bill, then an amount and date can be written in the space below according to the appropriate month. The header uses both a fun cursive and print fonts. ts.

Savings Goals:

The header of this 1-page layout is in a print font with dots above and below. On the page are 12 "thermometers" to color in. Each thermometer is a different color. Travel fund is pink, rainy day fund is green, the new car fund is yellow, home improvement is orange, and the emergency fund is blue. nd is blue.


The header of this layout is black calligraphy cursive. Additionally, there are several sections including "flight info," "hotel info," "daily budget," "remember," and "packing list." The headers of these sections are in either minimal cursive or print fonts.

Cleaning Schedule:

This layout is a list. The main header is a mix of minimal cursive and print font. Then, below the header is a border. Further, there are several sections. These sections are "every day," "every week," "every month," and "every 3-6 months." Highlighted in pink are the section headers.

Zone Cleaning:

The headers are similar to the cleaning schedule. There are nine sections in this layout: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, playroom, laundry room, basement, car, and miscellaneous.

Home Maintenance Guide:

This layout is kind of like a grid. The header is an all-caps print font. The vertical axis has different seasons and months laid out; each season is a different color. Spring is green, summer is yellow, autumn is orange, and winter is blue. The horizontal axis features different cleaning tasks organized by frequency: monthly, quarterly, biannually, and once a year. The circled timeframe show when to complete each task.

Monthly Calendar:

For each month, I used a simple grid calendar. The lettering for this layout is a print font. Additionally, there is a column to the right of the calendar. The column is labeled "goals."

Meal Plan:

This meal plan is a grid. Then, along the top of the page are the days of the week. Next, the various meals for the five weeks are along the left side. Space for a shopping list and a quote or doodle is at the bottom of the page. Finally, the main headers are in a pink calligraphy cursive.

Spending Log:

The right page of this layout includes the sections income, savings, and debt. The left page features a general spending log. Each of these logs has three columns: date, expense, and amount. Fonts used include pink cursive headers and all-caps black ink print.

Weekly Columns:

This page features seven columns. Each column represents the day of the week. Then, the extra space is for a budget. The main titling is in print font, Then, the weekday titling is pink and is just the first letter. Each letter has a subscript for the date.

Password Log:

This tracker is for tracking passwords. The column headers are "website," "username," and "password" and are in cursive. Further, the main header is in pink calligraphy cursive.

Tools Used

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