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Top 5 Effective Bullet Journal Ideas to Try With Family

Journals are fun, multifunctional, organized, and so much more. Here’s a list of bullet journal ideas to keep your family members active.

Dear planning masters, let me welcome you to the world of journals, where things are organized, especially when there’s an overload of tasks that demands your attention.

Here’s some enlightening information for you - did you know that people who journal every day are happier? Simply because noting down your daily tasks, things to do, thoughts, dates, etc., help you keep your life on track, well, on most days! I can’t help but remember the quote, “plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

So, my fellow journalers, I am sharing my top bullet journal hacks to keep your family members active and organized. Let’s dive in!

Bullet Journal Hacks

Bullet journals have endless benefits, not just for adults - journaling can be beneficial for kids too!

If you are a parent whose tasks never end or someone who has to shift between multiple roles to get through their regular days, a journal will help you cope with your duties. It also enables you to improve your productivity.

If you scroll down, you’ll come across hacks that I have been practicing for years with my family, and I cannot begin to tell you I was thankful I became a chronic bullet journaler.

Please note that the bullet journal ideas below are in no particular order.

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Color Coding

A super cool and fun hack to keep your journaling interesting. A hack that came to me naturally. Color coding is a great way to increase the visibility of the notes you make in your journals.

You can categorize it according to family members: blue for dad, pink for mom, yellow for kid number one, orange for kid number two, etc. You could keep another color for shared tasks. This eliminates confusion around the house, and the blame game will stop overnight.

Moms, planning a thousand activities for your children is a challenge in itself; use color-coding in your journal to plan weekly activities and make your life easier. Life will never be the same again!

If it is a journal that is entirely for yourself, then you could sort the colors based on your work tasks, personal stuff, etc.

You no longer have to waste your time turning the pages of your journal to find your notes. Scrolling through your journal looking for pages just became easier!

Post-It Notes

I have been obsessed with post-it notes forever. I have used it for school diaries, I have used it in college to mark important notices or dates, and now I keep them close at work too. This is probably the longest relationship I’ve had with anything (or anyone).

They are just so multifunctional, plus I love using those tiny colorful pages.

If you are struggling to cope with a busy week, or have not had the time to make proper journal entries for work or other essential tasks, simply take a post-it note and stick it! Certainly is the best way to manage a busy schedule without burning out!

I like sticking post-it notes on my refrigerator with the day's meals. I even use them to sort my weekly meal plans. My family knows what to expect, and much easier to plan my hours around it.

One of our favorite bullet journal ideas is to use post it notes inside of your journal. You can use them to mark pages, add temporary notes, or washi tape them down for a pop of color and decoration.

Lastly, I like to leave messages for my coworkers using a post-it note! Get printed, colorful ones that are super cute and pretty! It’s become a thing for me; I am sure you’d love to do the same for yourself too!

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Travel Journal

This may be old school for many people, but many journalers know that travel journaling in a notebook is bliss. There are no restrictions regarding the type of notebook. Pick one that you like.

Traveling with your dedicated travel journal is a good idea to mark important things. Going around with your everyday journal when traveling is not ideal - you may just lose it.

I like to keep my journals separate because travel journals are more about my thoughts, and the one I keep at home is to be shared with all my family members. It’s like a life organizer for everyone. We always keep important notices there - if the kids need to be picked up at a different time or if we are out of milk!

So, my travel journal is something I carry with me when I commute to work.

Flip-Out Key

Are you a bullet journal beginner? Then slow down. You have to occasionally allow yourself some time to look back at your key spread. The purpose of using a journal is pointless otherwise.

Simply create a flip-out key spread that can easily be consulted while planning something. It is an incredible hack that makes your life easy, breezy, and much more productive.

If you like the idea of this flip-out key, you will love dutch doors, learn more about dutch doors in our article on Bullet Journal Hacks.


This is a trick that works wonders for locating things in your journal. For example, when starting a collection, you may easily get carried away with your planning and run out of space. Exactly why you need to thread it!

It is the same as replying randomly to emails without pressing on respond or reply. Your emails will be all over the place, with no record of the exchange of information. They are all visible in order if you reply in the same thread. Threading your journals is not different. Keeping your collection linked is convenient and a time saver.


Well, that’s the end of my bullet journal ideas tricks-and-tips list. Enlighten me if you have figured out bullet journal tips to keep your family members active. I would love to learn about them.

I hope you will incorporate some of these ideas into your journaling arsenal and find them useful. Remember, for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.

If you have enjoyed these fantastic bullet journal ideas, you will undoubtedly love our first article on bullet journal hacks.

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